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With so many games coming to the Xbox One, it's hard to keep track sometimes. It's made even harder by game announcements a day before it comes out. So here we are, it's Tuesday and we've got the lowdown on this weeks big titles which includes Dead or Alive 5: Last Round and three more indie games releasing later this week. We've got all the details so read on to find out more.

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round

Is this really the last round?

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is the latest iteration from Team Ninja in the long-running fighting game series. This version features all of the content from Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate for the Xbox 360, but comes with updated graphics, as well as two new characters.

However, if a big selection of characters aren't that big a deal to you, Team Ninja wanted to make sure you could still enjoy the game without shelling out too much money. Dead or Alive 5: Last Round – Core Fighters, goes for $10 and it allows you to play most of the game that the full version offers. But in this version story mode is locked and you only have a limited number of characters to choose from.

If you want the full game for all of the characters and costumes, you're looking at a $40 purchase. Either way, you can grab whichever version is to your liking as they are both available on the Xbox One Store.

  • Dead or Alive 5: Last Round - Core Fighters – Xbox One – $9.99 – Xbox Store
  • Dead or Alive 5: Last Round – Xbox One - $39.99 – Xbox Store


Round and round we go

Roundabout is a puzzle adventure game that comes from No Goblin with the help of ID@Xbox. The game is what they are calling a '70's B-Movie' that follows the infamous Georgio Manos. Manos is the best revolving limo driver in the world. As you go around picking up passengers, you also have the ability to pick up secret collectibles and try your hand at dangerous missions.

As the game and story progress Manos' story becomes unveiled as she expresses the pros and cons of being a revolving limo driver. So if you're looking for a funky-fresh game, check out Roundabout when it hits the Xbox One Store this Friday.

  • Roundabout – Xbox One – $14.99

Hand of Fate

Deckbuilding comes to life

Hand of Fate is a truly unique type of game as it is a hybrid of an action RPG and card deck builder. The game features a story mode with lots of dialogue and an endless mode for the competitor in us all. To get the game going, you first start off by building a deck of cards out of the 465 available. The deck must include weapons, loot, enemies and more.

If you pull a card that forces you into combat, the game will switch to a third-person that features combo-centered combat. The combat mode has 24 different types of enemies which you will have to face depending on which ones you pull from the deck. The game is also said to have 13 unique boss battles.

Hand of Fate looks to be an awesome game especially for those of us into deck building games such as Magic and Hearthstone. So what are you waiting for? Go grab it now.

  • Hand of Fate – Xbox One – $19.99 – Xbox Store

Trivial Pursuit Live

Trivial Pursuit takes over your television

We've all played Trivial Pursuit sometime in our lives. Well, not quite like this. In this new modern take of Trivial Pursuit, you can take play against up to three other friends or family members on the same TV. The same categories that we have come to know and love.

The newest thing about this version of Trivial Pursuit is that it offers new question types to spice things up. For example, in close call there are no wrong answers, but whoever chooses the better one gets more points. Another big selling point for the game is that can be played with one controller so there's no reason to fret over not having more.

So if you're looking to spice up your next family get together make sure you bring along Trivial Pursuit Live which is available now in the Xbox One Store.

  • Trivial Pursuit Live – Xbox One – $14.99 – Xbox Store

Blue Estate

Turn your finger into a gun

Blue Estate is an on-rails shooter that launched in the summer of last year for PlayStation 4. So when the game was announced for Xbox One we all knew that it would harness the power of Kinect. So here we are, it's now available for Xbox One and you can turn your finger into a gun that will take on the enemies of the game.

Blue Estate has been known for its crude sense of humor which ultimately falls flat. The jokes can easily be classified as masochistic and racist. So if somehow you are still interested in this game, you can grab it now. However, I personally would pass on it.

  • Blue Estate – Xbox One – $12.99 – Xbox Store

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