Outlook is getting a bunch of features to save you time across all platforms

Outlook Play My Emails Presser
Outlook Play My Emails Presser (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft announced several new features headed to Outlook across all platforms.
  • New bits include the ability to schedule emails, "Play my Emails" on Android, and more.
  • Some of these features are rolling out now, while others are expected to drop later.

As more people are working from home than ever, Microsoft is, apparently, looking to help them keep a more effective barrier between work and life with Outlook. The company debuted several new features (opens in new tab) across all platforms today. Some, like "Play my Emails" on Android, have been expected for some time, while others are wholly new.

On the mobile side of things, Outlook fans on Android will now be able to catch up on meeting information, including relevant files and email messages, in one spot on their calendar. A new "JOIN" experience in Outlook mobile will also let you join meetings in services like Zoom and Webex with one tap from an invitation.

Meetings can also be set to be automatically created online in Outlook for mobile and the web, so the Teams link will always be available from the invite.

Outlook Personal And Work Calendars Setup

Source: Microsoft Add your personal calendar to your work calendar in Outlook. (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

In you calendar, you can now add personal events to your work calendar and have the times for them automatically show you as busy. You'll also be able to see your personal and work calendars side-by-side so you can better schedule meetings.

In Outlook mobile, Microsoft is adding on to suggested replies with options to send your availability or schedule a meeting when someone wants to set up a meeting with you. You'll also now be able to schedule a specific time for your emails to be delivered, allowing you to compose one whenever the need strikes without worrying about bothering the receiver.

Outlook Schedule Email

Source: Microsoft Schedule emails in Outlook. (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

On mobile, Microsoft is adding the option to create a task from Outlook and then manage it in Microsoft To Do. Further, the option to highlight part of an email message and add it as a task is also now generally available.

Finally, the "Play My Emails" feature has been available on iOS for some time, and it's now rolling out to Outlook on Android. The feature lets Cortana read your new email messages to you so you can quickly get updated wherever you are without focusing on your phone.

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  • All of it is tinsel when you still cannot create an appointment in Android or ios using time zones. No idea which planet the people who design Outlook live on but they obviously do not travel out of their own little bubble. One is forced to use Samsung calendar, which has time zones, and let that sync to Outlook. Contact info is also miserably implemented. Again, forced to use Samsung app.
  • Contractmanagement is also terrible. Contacts being lost, can't be updated. And this hasn't been since last update. I see feature request from 2017!! Also syncing problems with contacts made me move my contacts to Google unfortunately
  • While there's a lot to be improved with contact management the actual editing and syncing of contacts has always worked well for me.
  • Even PC? Wow.
  • "Play my Emails" is nice, but I get e-mails in multiple languages, and if only English seems to be supported for the time being, then I do not see the value in this feature (yet).
  • Which of that features are avilable outside the USA?
  • Nice to see enhancements continuing to roll in. But what I want most of all is to have the Outlook icon badge show only the count of new emails from contacts marked as favorites. Right now the badge count is always some uselessly high number comprised mostly of emails that I don't need to see right away. Samsung email has had this feature for years (called VIP's).