Patchwork board game adapted and released for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Patchwork, an acclaimed board game that also mixes in puzzle elements, has been adapted and released for mobile devices, including Windows 10 on both PC and Mobile platforms.

Here's a quick description:

"Patchwork is all about strategically laying down tiles. With each piece of fabric placed, players move closer to the end of the time-tracking board. Being the first one to move over a valuable single-square patch (i.e., stealing from the competition!) is a sound strategy, but it also carries a fair amount of risk: it turns out that racing to the end of the board will give players less time to build their own quilts! More so, carefully planning each stitch while avoiding holes is critical because each gap will cost players two whole points."

The game features offline mode with A.I. opponents or gamers can go online to play against others in both casual and ranked matches. Patchwork costs $2.99 to download but there are optional interface additions that can be access via in-app purchases.

Download Patchwork from the Windows Store

QR: Patchwork

John Callaham