Pin Steam friends to your start screen with Steam Live Tile

Steam ( is yet to launch a Windows Phone companion app that enables PC owners who utilise the service to get social with friends and remain up-to-date with what everyone is currently up to. Numerous third-party apps have been published to the store and Steam Live Tile is yet another option to add to the list. In a nutshell the app allows users to add their own Steam profile, as well as any friends on the account to the start screen.

The tiles show account information and which games have been played throughout the week just passed. It's a simple, but effective solution who want Steam on the start screen. The only problem is there's no chat functionality or anything to do with Steam beyond the ability to pin account tiles to the start screen. We'll have to hope the Steam service eventually creates an app that enables everyone to log into their accounts and enjoy a rich experience.

Steam Live Tile

Some other features of Steam Live Tile include customising the live tiles that are pinned to the start screen, a simple-to-use interface with a minimal amount of options to deal with and it gets the job done. While pinning your own account to the start screen is free, if you'd like to add your friends to the start screen, an in-app purchase window pops up, which we reckon will offer users the chance to upgrade the app in a way.

We were unable to get the details to load for the purchase to be made so if you manage to get through and are able to pin friends on your Windows Phone, do let us know what the pricing is and how it went. If you're interested in the functionality this app offers, you can download Steam Live Tile from the Windows Phone Store (note that only Windows Phone 8 is supported). Thanks, Alex, for the tip!

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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