Plague Inc adds Simian Flu for Windows Phone, Xbox One version supports custom scenarios

Fans of Ndemic Creations' infectious disease strategy game Plague Inc can download a recent update for the Windows Phone version that adds the Simian Flu from the movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Also, the Xbox One version of the game can now support custom scenarios made by fans.

Here's a look at the Simian Flu scenario for the Windows Phone version:

  • Control communities of intelligent apes – evolve your disease in parallel to allow ape-to-ape transmission, improve their cognitive abilities, and create colonies to protect apes
  • Decide when your apes should rampage against research labs, move apes to avoid detection from military drones and use ape migration to prevent * scientists from conducting aggressive ape experiments.
  • Master new gameplay mechanics and strategies to help apes become the dominant species on the planet!
  • New genes, evolutions, graphics, music, government actions, events, achievements and more!

The Xbox One version, which is called Plague Inc Evolved, can now accept custom scenarios created by fans original for the PC version of the game. Fans have made some very interesting and even humorous scenarios, such as Disco Fever, which threatens the entire world with fast music and dancing.

Download Plague Inc. for Windows Phone ($0.99)

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Source: Xbox Wire

John Callaham