We are just a couple of days in with the latest release to Insiders of Windows 10 Mobile build 10536. We have already asked how satisfied you are with 10536 and so far, 50% are underwhelmed and 38% are really happy. That leaves just 13% are unsatisfied with the release. That poll is going on for a few more days, so if you have not voted already, go ahead and do so.

Next up is battery life. How has yours been? Factoring out playing with the OS more, do you feel it is the same, better or worse?

Granted, what we're asking is unscientific, and there are dozens of variables at play, but off the cuff, let us know what you think in our new poll.

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Presumably, the final release to your phone would benefit from new, updated firmware, but so far Microsoft has been quiet on that part of the upgrade.

Take our poll and sound off in comments! If using our app, just swipe to the right and choose More > Show in browser or just navigate to m.windowscentral.com/poll-10536-battery

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