PowerToys update fixes frustrating keyboard shortcut bugs

Microsoft Powertoys
Microsoft Powertoys (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • PowerToys version 0.47.1 is now available.
  • The update includes fixes for several tools, including PowerToys Run and FancyZones.
  • Version 0.47.1 is a patch for version 0.47.0, which included a handful of new features.

Microsoft's PowerToys has an update available that brings the app to version 0.47.1. The update is a patch for v0.47.0 that rolled out a couple of weeks ago with several new features. Version 0.47.1 fixes multiple issues that caused instability for the Shortcut Guide, PowerToys Run, and FancyZones.

Our Richard Devine recently wrote about how PowerToys Run is a perfect antidote for the Windows 11 Start menu. The recent update to the utility fixes two issues related to PowerToys Run, both of which prevented keyboard shortcuts from working.

Here's everything that's included in PowerToys v0.47.1:

  • 13516 - [Shortcut Guide] After releasing Win key, the start menu pops up
  • 13517 - [PowerToys Run] Not working with Win + Space combo
  • 13536 - [PowerToys Run] Not working with Shift + CapsLock combo
  • 13585 - [FancyZones] Shortcuts not changing layout
  • 13211 - [FancyZones] Auto-resizing windows breaks with certain applications
  • 13625 - [FancyZones] Layouts not being remembered after computer locks

PowerToys was recently added to the Microsoft Store on Windows 11. It's also available through GitHub and through package managers like winget.

With its addition to the Microsoft Store and people looking for ways to improve Windows 11, PowerToys has increased in popularity over the last month.

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