Amazon has announced a bunch of new devices and you can already pick some of them up at a discount if you bundle them. One of the deals is the inclusion of a free Philips Hue smart bulb when you purchase an Echo Plus or Echo Show, but it doesn't just happen automatically. On the product page for each of them is three different listings, one for just the device, one bundled with other hardware, and one that says "with free smart bulb". The Philips Hue bulb will only come included with orders placed using that listing, as it's actually a different product as far as Amazon's concerned.

Clicking the links above will take you directly to the listing that you want to purchase, but if you somehow get mixed up and land up somewhere else, you'll want to verify during checkout that your cart shows the inclusion of the free bulb. If you already hopped on the pre-order train and clicked the wrong listing, all hope is not lost. You can place an order for the correct bundle and then cancel your original one without any harm. Amazon doesn't charge your credit card for anything until the order actually ships, so you won't need to worry about extra money being held so that you can make the switch.

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If you have friends or family that are looking to purchase either of these refreshed devices, be sure to share this tip with them. Both the Echo Plus and Echo Show allow you to connect smart home gadgets (like the bulb) right to it without the need of a separate hub, which saves you even more money in the long run. These discounts won't last forever, and the products are scheduled to begin shipping on October 11.

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