We've got your back with these stellar backpack deals for Prime Day!

I've been needing a new backpack, and for Prime Day, there are backpacks aplenty to be had! After spending hours pouring over these deals, I have my new backpack, and you should grab one, too! Especially with back to school creeping around the corner, backpacks are a great buy for everyone in the family.

Bag it and go

The Timbuk2 Q is a great value with its Prime Day sale and extra 25% off at checkout, but if you want to go a little less black and a little more stylish, go the route I did and grab a Himawari, since it's available in so many colors and with that useful zip-top configuration.

Whatever bag you get today, make sure you check how much stuff you need to haul, especially what size laptops you might need to haul for work or school. Larger laptops need special accomodation, and easy access if you tend to travel a lot is very, very handy.

Ara Wagoner

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