I've been needing a new backpack, and for Prime Day, there are backpacks aplenty to be had! After spending hours pouring over these deals, I have my new backpack, and you should grab one, too! Especially with back to school creeping around the corner, backpacks are a great buy for everyone in the family.

Name brand value: Timbuk2 Q Laptop Backpack

Staff pick

More than one of us here at Mobile Nations use and swear by Timbuk2 bags, and since many of them are heavily discounted for Prime Day, there's never been a better time to get addicted yourself. Best of all, there's an extra 25% off at checkout with Prime!

$55 (was $100) at Amazon

Cute and useful: Himawari Travel Backpack

I needed a new backpack this Prime Day, and the one I bought was a Himawari. The construction is a blend of femme and functional, of style and subtance. The top zipper allows you easier access to all of your stuff and to pack things in more flexible ways.

From $16 (was $56) at Amazon

Traditional yet fun: VentoMarea Casual Travel Laptop Daypack

This might look like a classic Jansport at first glance, but between the fun accent pieces and the adeptly added organization system, this is a backpack that's as cool to look at as it is to use.

$19 (was $24) at Amazon

Fun colors: Yanaier Stylish School Backpack

Want an eye-catching backpack that's water resistant, big enough to fit most Chromebooks, and comes in a dozen stylish colors? Yanaier has some unique styles, including this purple/grey model that looks like the Purple Wall at Walt Disney World.

$19 (from $24) at Amazon

Old school: VASCHY School Backpack

This backpack has a classic look and a lot of color options at a low price. Don't underestimate the price — this is backpack that can and will last for years and years.

$24 (from $30) at Amazon

Roll it up: BAGSMART Laptop Backpack

Roll-top bags like this are awesome because you can cram just about anything and everything you want into them and still get the lid rolled and clasped. There's also easy access via the zipper on the back by the shoulder straps.

$35 (from $43) at Amazon

Compartments for everything: ASPENSPORT Slim Water Repellent Daypack

Available in several understated colors and allowing you to pack a surprising amount of gear into its svelte silhouette, ASPENSPORT's backpack has a small discount but a great value. The padded back also helps avoid back strain during long days.

$30 (from $37) at Amazon

For supersized laptops: OIWAS 17 Inch Laptop Backpack

If you're rocking a 15-inch or 17-inch laptop, you typically need to hunt for a larger bag, since most bags with a laptop sleeve are meant for 11 or 13-inch laptops. This one fits your massive workhorse of a laptop and everything else you need to carry, and does it in style.

$24 (from $80) at Amazon

All in the accents: Rivacase 7560 Laptop Backpack

I love the subtle accent stitching on this compact laptop bag, taking an understated look and just turning it up to 11. This back can fit 15-inch laptops, but if you're carrying more than a 13, I'd use a separate laptop sleeve for extra protection.

$31 (from $39) at Amazon

Bag it and go

The Timbuk2 Q is a great value with its Prime Day sale and extra 25% off at checkout, but if you want to go a little less black and a little more stylish, go the route I did and grab a Himawari, since it's available in so many colors and with that useful zip-top configuration.

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Whatever bag you get today, make sure you check how much stuff you need to haul, especially what size laptops you might need to haul for work or school. Larger laptops need special accomodation, and easy access if you tend to travel a lot is very, very handy.

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