Protect your crypocurrency with the Ledger Nano X Bluetooth hardware wallet on sale for $89

Ledger Nano X Wallet
Ledger Nano X Wallet (Image credit: Amazon)

If you're into cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20, and others, then you need a good crypto wallet. The Ledger Nano X Bluetooth crypto hardware wallet is down to $89.25 on Amazon. The Nano X normally sells for around $120 and very rarely drops from that price. It has never dropped below $100 even when it did go on sale, and the last time it dropped that low was back during last year's Black Friday shopping season. Today's sale is the lowest price we've seen, but it will only last for a few more hours.

This is just one of several crypto hardware wallets on sale today as part of Amazon's daily deals. You could also get the Ledger Nano S on sale for $39.99 or a combination of the two (the Nano X and Nano S) for $111.75 so you can have a protected backup of your cryptocurrencies.

Ledger Nano X Bluetooth crypto hardware wallet

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You can secure up to 100 applications on the device using the highest security standards. Trade on-the-go directly from your smartphone thanks to the Bluetooth connection. Manage up to 22 coins using one app. Take your currency offline for privacy.

A crypto hardware wallet is essentially a way to both secure your crypto currency and take it with you when you want to use it out in the world. The key feature is the security for sure. You'll get peace of mind with the highest security standards for all your crypto assets. In fact you can install up to 100 applications on your device and secure a large number of different assets in one place.

Another benefit of keeping your cryptocurrency on a portable device like this is the protection from hackers. Cryptocurrencies get hacked all the time with some losing as much as $195 million. But it's quite impossible to hack an online currency that isn't online. Take your savings offline with this device.

You can also use the Ledger Nano X to trade crypto on-the-go and use it to pay for things while you're out. The Bluetooth connection lets you use your smartphone for these transactions instantly. And you can manage up to 22 coins using the single free Ledger Live app.

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