Protect your devices and your privacy with 40% off Malwarebytes software

Malwarebytes Software
Malwarebytes Software (Image credit: Malwarebytes)

If you use a computer pretty regularly, and it's a safe bet whether you do it for work or for fun that you do since you're here, then there are two things you should always protect: the devices you use to connect to the internet and your own privacy. You never know who's watching out there, and it's always possible to accidentally stumble onto something harmful when you're surfing the net.

Protect yourself and your family during the holidays with 40% off the Malwarebytes software. If you just need the antivirus protection, the basic Malwarebytes Premium is down to $23.99 for a year from a regular price of $40. If you want to upgrade to Premium + Privacy and get access to the Malwarebytes VPN in addition to the antivirus protection, that will only cost $59.99 for a year versus its normal price of $100. Both deals save you a bundle and are good for whatever your situation is.

As the name of the company might suggest, Malwarebytes is extremely effective at fighting malware, viruses, and other harmful bits and pieces you might encounter on your internet travels. Whichever package you choose, you will get to take advantage of that award-winning antivirus protection. It prevents threats in real time as they occur. It can also stop ransomware, which is malware where the files get encrypted and held hostage for a fee by the attackers. This device security will protect you from harmful sites and regularly clean and remove any malware that gets added to your system.

More than that, though, you can also access the Malwarebytes VPN. This is the ultimate way to protect your privacy online. For one thing, you can use it on up to five different devices. Since Malwarebytes is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and more that means you have plenty of platforms you can use and stay secure.

The VPN also encrypts your Wi-Fi connection and creates a virtual IP address, making it impossible for outsiders to pinpoint who or where you are. You'll even be able to choose a geo location based on what servers Malwarebytes has available. Again, this is part of that privacy thing, but it's also good for tricking systems into thinking you're in a different place than you are in case you want to access something you wouldn't otherwise be able to.

The software can also block online scams, infected sites, and malicious links. Don't get caught by phishing scams that get you to accidentally reveal your passwords or bank information ever again. Schedule your scans and adjust your protection layers to suit your needs as well.

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