RAGE, Killer is Dead and Shred Nebula are coming to Xbox backwards compatibility

A trio of new games are headed to Xbox One backwards compatibility. As revealed by Xbox's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb on Twitter, Xbox One gamers will now be able to play RAGE, Killer Is Dead and Shred Nebula on their consoles.

Perhaps the biggest addition is that of RAGE, which is a Bethesda title originally launched in 2011. In RAGE, you take on bands of murderous bandits and mutants in a post-apocalyptic setting, years after an asteroid impact. Now, you can relive the game's first-person shooter action on your Xbox One.

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Also landing on Xbox One backwards compatibility are Killer Is Dead and Shred Nebula. Killer Is Dead is a violent, cel-shaded action game where you hunt down criminals with a sword and body augmentations. Shred Nebula, on the other hand, lets you pilot ships through multiplayer dogfights and 40 unique levels.

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  • RAAAAGEEEEEEE finally!! one of my all time favorites on the 360, really hope they pick up the project of a sequel
  • Yea, Rage was a pretty good game....enjoyed it..
  • Great to see Rage coming to Xbox one. It's the only game I enjoy playing at high resolution without a GPU
  • They missed out on making a series for that game. Enjoyed It's brevity.
  • Is RAGE disc only?
  • Is RAGE disc only?
  • Is RAGE disc only?
  • Is RAGE disc only?
  • Is RAGE disc only?
  • RAGE was sweet. Rented it, but didn't finish in time, and didn't want to pay $30 or whatever to play the last quarter of the game. Maybe I will go give it another try now.
  • Why didn't you just rerent it back then?
  • I really need to play Rage and Killer is Dead one of these days. Heard both games are awesome, if flawed.
  • I bought Rage at GS like 3 years ago for 6 bucks. Never got around to actually trying it. Seems like a good time to..  
  • Yeah disc only like Doom 3, would gladly upgrade to digital though
  • What about QUAKE 4, or QUAKE LIVE