Razer's 'Project Sophia' is a must-see concept desk for gaming in the future

Project Sophia
Project Sophia (Image credit: Razer)

What you need to know

  • Razer has announced Project Sophia, a desk PC that features numerous modules that users can use to quickly reconfigure their setup with various components and peripherals.
  • Project Sophia will feature the latest-and-greatest tech from Intel and NVIDIA, as well as a custom PCB, magnetic chassis, glass desktop, and built-in OLED display.
  • Details about Project Sophia's pricing and availability are currently unknown, but we're hoping to hear more from Razer later in 2022.

Having a quality setup is an important part of having a quality working, gaming, or streaming experience, but it can often be difficult to reconfigure your setup to meet the needs of each of these activities if you often switch between them. Razer is aiming to solve that problem with Project Sophia, a modular desk PC announced at CES 2022 that puts the power of a cutting-edge desktop machine into a desk form factor while also featuring several different "modules" that users can quickly slot various components, peripherals, and accessories into.

Whether you need something for work, gaming, streaming, or all three, Razer promises that the Project Sophia desk PC will give you all the flexibility you could need. Equipped with a top-of-the-line Intel processor and NVIDIA GPU, Project Sophia will likely be just as powerful as a traditional tower PC equipped with similar hardware. The components are housed in a chassis that snaps in underneath Project Sophia's glass desktop, and users can access the components easily if they need to make future upgrades or swap out components.

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CategoryProject Sophia
Display65-inch OLED77-inch OLED
ProcessorLatest Intel processor
GraphicsLatest NVIDIA GPU
LightingChroma RGB Lighting
DesignCustom PCBMagnetic chassisGlass desktop

What ultimately makes Project Sophia different than the best PC case desks, though, are its modules. Users will have up to 13 different modules available when reconfiguring their Project Sophia machine, and these modules are compatible with everything from touchscreen digitizers and tablets to advanced speakers and monitors. Some other components and peripherals that the modules will work with include cameras, microphones, wireless chargers, and even cup warmers. Project Sophia is also lined with Chroma RGB lighting and comes with a built-in OLED display that's available at either 65 inches or 77 inches.

Overall, Project Sophia looks pretty wild, and we're excited to see it in more detail in the future. Razer hasn't announced a release date or price for Project Sophia yet, but hopefully we'll see more of it later on in 2022.

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