The Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro mechanical keyboard has dropped to $180 at Amazon

Bw V3 Pro Razer
Bw V3 Pro Razer

Typing should be fun. It should feel good with responsive keys and that oh-so-delightful clickity clack. If you want to upgrade your typing experience then get a Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro wireless mechanical keyboard on sale for $179.99 at Amazon. That's a huge discount and $50 off this keyboard's normal price. It has only dropped this low a couple of times in the last year: once in January and once during 2020's Black Friday sales. Other than that this keyboard has never dropped below $200. This sale from Amazon is just price matching the same deal at Best Buy, so you can also get it there.

While this keyboard is primarily wireless, which gives you a lot of flexibility in how and where you can use it, it actually has three different modes of connectivity. You can connect via Bluetooth, which super fast and easy. It's also power efficient. Or you can use the included dongle that plugs into your laptop and can connect your keyboard via HyperSpeed wireless. With Razer's proprietary tech in there it'll be as lag-free as a wired keyboard. And then, of course, you can connect via the included USB-C cable to charge the keyboard and still use it while it's plugged in.

The mechanical switches are Razer's Green switches that give a satisfying clicky sound and only need 50G of actuation force. It's great for typing, gaming, working, whatever you want. Plus the doubleshot molding on the keycaps means you get labels that don't fade with thick walls that last a long time.

You get an ergonomic wrist rest with the keyboard as well.

John Levite
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