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Razer teases a new Naga mouse for MMO players

Razer Naga Trinity sitting on a desk.
Razer Naga Trinity sitting on a desk. (Image credit: Razer)

What you need to know

  • Razer teased what appears to be a new Naga mouse in a video.
  • The Naga line of mice is popular thanks to its plethora of buttons.
  • The Naga lineup is popular among MMO players, but Razer links to a page that says its "armed for every genre."

Razer's Naga mice are popular options for MMO players thanks to their plethora of buttons that players can easily bind actions to. Now, Razer is teasing what appears to be a new version of the NAGA mouse. The official Razer Twitter account shared a brief video with the text "09.03.20" and a link to a page with a countdown (opens in new tab). Both of these likely allude to an announcement time for the new mouse.

The video is only 15 seconds long and doesn't off that much. In it, it briefly shows the familiar Naga design, a scroll wheel, and the number pad on the side of the mouse. It also includes a satisfying "click" noise and shows off a lit up Razer logo on the mouse. The mouse in the video also appears to be wireless.

"ARMED FOR EVERY GENRE, AND BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND. ADAPT AND UNLEASH," appears on the page with the countdown.

How Razer did right by lefties with the Naga Left-Handed Edition

The page also shows an option to sign up to be the first to know about the new mouse.

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  • Most likely a new Naga Trinity. The original had swappable side button layouts - two button, 6 button and 12 button - so that would fit with the "Adapt and unleash" line Razer's using.