Razer's adorable Sneki Snek has helped save over 100,000 trees

Sneki Key Visual
Sneki Key Visual (Image credit: Razer)

What you need to know

  • Razer has helped save over 100,000 trees through its Sneki Snek campaign.
  • For each piece of Sneki Snek merchandise sold, part of the proceeds help save 10 trees.
  • Razer announced a Sneki Snek pillow last night at Razer Store Live.

Razer's iconic green color is featured on the best Razer laptops and plenty of Razer's other tech, but the company is also focusing on a different type of green. Last night during Razer Store Live, the company announced that it has helped save over 100,000 trees. Razer worked with Conservation International to save trees with its Sneki Snek campaign. The company also announced a new goal to save 1 million trees.

Sneki Snake is an adorable little snake that started off as a doodle from a Razer designer. It's gained quite a bit of popularity among fans, some of which have gotten tattoos of the little snake. Razer now has Sneki Snek merchandise. For each piece of Sneki Snek merchandise sold, part of the proceeds goes to Conservation International to save 10 trees.

The Sneki Snek plushie was the first piece of merchandise rolled out by Razer, and it helped the company reach its first goal of saving 100,000 trees. Now, you can buy a Sneki Snek head pillow that looks quite sporting on the best gaming chairs.

Razer co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan said of the campaign:

The support for our #GoGreenWithRazer campaign, led by Sneki Snek, has been truly insane. We thought it would take some time to save 100,000 trees, but we have smashed that target in less than 2 months and are well on the way to the next target of 250,000 trees. So we decided to be more ambitious in protecting the nature together with our community and Sneki Snek by extending the target to 1 million trees. The more trees we save, the more we protect the nature and wildlife that depends on it for survival.

Razer shared a map outlining its goals for saving trees with the help of the Sneki Snek campaign.

Source: Razer (Image credit: Source: Razer)

You can read more about Razer's Sneki Snek campaign on the company's website.

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