Razer's Basilisk Ultimate wireless gaming mouse is on sale for $20 off right now

Razer Basilisk Utlimate
Razer Basilisk Utlimate

We like the Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed wireless gaming mouse, and right now it's on sale for $99.99 at Amazon. That's $20 off its regular price and a match for its lowest ever. It has only dropped this low a couple of times. While this version doesn't come with the charging dock, you'd have to pay an extra $70 for the dock, and that doesn't seem worth it considering this deal.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed wireless gaming mouse

Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed wireless gaming mouse

Uses HyperSpeed tech to reduce latency and Focus+ optical sensor for precision and accuracy. Has adjustable sensitivity up to 20,000 DPI. Customize controls and map macros with 11 programmable buttons. Has 70 hour battery life. Works on PC and Mac.

Our review of the Basilisk Ultimate gave it 4 stars out of 5 and a Recommended badge. Richard Devine said its "undoubtedly worthy of its spot atop Razer's gaming mouse pyramid" and added that compared to other Razer mice, "the Basilisk is more ergonomic, which makes it better to use in daily computing life as well as in gaming."

The Basilisk Ultimate is well-equipped to handle everything from casual computer use to intense gaming. Despite being wireless, it uses Razer's HyperSpeed technology that reduces latency. You won't even notice it's wireless with how fast the response time is. You'll also be able to seamlessly switch frequencies when you're hit with a particularly bad environment for wireless noise.

The 20,000 DPI is fully adjustable thanks to the Razer Focus+ optical sensor. Every tiny movement of your mouse is tracked. You'll get unprecedented precision and accuracy that you can fine-tune to your needs whether you need to flick your wrist for a trigger-happy shooter or slow down to make sure you're getting every command just right.

It's also a very programmable mouse. Personalize it to your exact specifications. All 11 buttons can be re-programmed, and you can include macros with advanced commands. The multi-function paddle lets you execute multiple moves quickly. You can even adjust the resistance on the scroll wheel.

The mouse is compatible with both Windows and Mac. The battery life lasts for up to 70 hours.

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