Razer's compact and fast Huntsman Mini RGB keyboard has dropped to $100

Razer Huntsman Mini
Razer Huntsman Mini (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

The Razer Huntsman Mini keyboard just joined the Razer lineup late last year, and it has a lot of great features that makes it a strong contender for one of the best keyboards for any gamer or creative type. Right now you can get this compact keyboard on sale for $99.99 at Amazon. The deal is available in both Black and Mercury White, and you can find it going for this price at other retailers like Best Buy. It normally sells for around $120, and it has only dropped this low once before about a month ago. Grab it now before the price jumps back up.

Razer Huntsman Mini RGB optical keyboard

Razer Huntsman Mini RGB optical keyboard

Optical switches use light-based actuation, making them faster than mechanical switches while still providing tactile feedback. Uses Razer Chroma for full RGB and syncing across hardware. Made with an aluminum frame and textured PBT keycaps.

Our review gave the keyboard 4.5 stars out of 5 and a Recommended badge. Daniel Rubino said, "Typists, minimalists, and gamers who need more desk space will appreciate what the tiny Huntsman Mini offers. With excellent linear optical switches, beautiful colorways, and RGB options, this is one fun mini keyboard."

This is a 60% keyboard, a form factor that's growing in popularity these days. That 60% means it's smaller than a regular keyboard. It doesn't have the function keys across the top or the arrow keys or numpad you'd normally see. If you don't use those keys a lot, you won't miss them. The advantage is you get a really streamlined design that's compact, fast, and looks great pretty much anywhere. It is ideal for people who spend most of their time doing pure typing or for gamers who need to save some space.

It's also not quite a mechanical keyboard, either. The Huntsman Mini uses optical switches, which register key presses at the speed of light so they're actually faster than mechanical switches while still providing those clicks you'll love with each press.

The Mini also uses Razer Chroma, which is a unique form of RGB lighting. It's fully programmable with special effects. Plus, you can sync your keyboard with any other Razer gear you have. It even syncs with some third parties like Philips Hue and 30 other partners.

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