You can currently find the JLab Talk Pro professional plug-and-play USB microphone on sale for $81.09 through Amazon. That's a low price and worth talking about because Best Buy currently has the JLab Pro advertised as a "Deal of the Day," but it's only at $90. Save some money at Amazon. Plus the street price is around $120, and you can find it going for even more than that at other retailers. At this low price it's essentially the same price as its lesser version, the JLab Talk, which is going for $80 right now in most places.

Jlab Pro Talk

JLab Talk Pro plug-and-play USB Mic | $39 off

The top of the Jlab Talk lineup. This mic has a ton of great features and can help you go from a casual to a professional with studio-quality audio.

$81.09 at Amazon

The JLab Talk series is a great lineup of easy-to-use mics that can help you improve how you sound. Whether you're doing voice overs for a YouTube video or looking to produce a new podcast, you'll be able to get studio-quality sound with these mics. The JLab Talk Pro includes three condensers and tons of control for you.

You'll get professional resolution with 192kHz/24BIT for clear, detailed audio every time. You can optimize the sound based on your needs, too, so you'll sound great even if you're just joining a Zoom call.

The four directional patterns are key to how your audio gets picked up. The pattern you use depends on what you're trying to do. Cardioid, for example, is a popular choice for gamers trying to stream because it's designed to pick up all the sounds coming from the front of the mic (i.e. your voice) while not picking up the sounds coming directly behind the mic (like your keyboard or mouse clicks). Experiment with the other patterns, too, especially if you want to record an instrument or work with a partner to do some voiceovers or something like that.

You'll also get some other features like gain adjustment, volume control, a 3.5mm aux input for real-time listening, and more. Since it's plug-and-play, it does not require any extra drivers or anything to get going either.

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