Replace your old Xbox controller with a new one for just $39

Xbox One Controllers
Xbox One Controllers (Image credit: Daniel Rubino | Windows Central)

Black Friday makes for a great time to replace your old gear, including your Xbox controller. Throughout the year, these go on sale randomly, but right now you can grab one in nearly any color for as little as $39 at Amazon. Some of them are $1 more, and some of the special edition colors are a bit more expensive, but almost every one of them is discounted right now.

Xbox One wireless controller

Xbox One wireless controller

There are a whole bunch of different color options available in today's sale, including Red, Blue, Phantom White, and more. If you've been using your controller for a little too long, it may be a great time to replace it.

Functionally, all of these controllers operate the same way. The biggest difference here is the appearance of them. Some are red, others blue, some have camo, and one is even almost fully transparent. This makes it easy and affordable to get rid of your old controller that isn't working quite the way you wish it would and replace it with something new. The color choices also make it easy to pick one out for just about anyone on your shopping list.

If you don't already have an Xbox, or need a new one, the All-Digital Xbox One S is on sale right now for just $149 with three free games.

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