Report: Mass Effect series to be produced by Amazon

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Tim
Mass Effect Legendary Edition Tim (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

What you need to know

  • Amazon Studios is reportedly close to a deal to work on a Mass Effect series for Prime Video.
  • Amazon is currently working with other major franchises, such as The Wheel of Time and Fallout.
  • BioWare is currently working on the next mainline Mass Effect game.

Amazon Studios is working to develop a Mass Effect series for Prime Video, per a report from Deadline. According to the report, the deal nearing completion, though it isn't quite finalized yet.

Amazon is working to increase the content available on Prime, recently launching The Wheel of Time, based on the book series of the same name. Amazon is also working on other video game properties, with a series in development based on Bethesda Game Studios' Fallout.

A recent trilogy compilation of the first three Mass Effect games, titled Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, launched earlier this year for consoles and PC. Publisher Electronic Arts (EA) noted that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition sold "well above" expectations, though no hard figures were given.

Meanwhile, EA-owned development studio BioWare is currently working on the next Mass Effect, as well as Dragon Age 4. There's no official timeframe for either game, though reports indicate that Dragon Age 4 might be launching at some point in 2023. The last games in both franchises were 2017's Mass Effect: Andromeda and 2014's Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Samuel Tolbert

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