Report: There may be a cheaper 500GB Xbox Series X|S Seagate storage card on the way

Seagate Expansion Card
Seagate Expansion Card (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Right now, there only exists a $220 dollar internal storage option for the Xbox Series X|S.
  • Xbox fans have been waiting for a cheaper option for some time, and there might be one on the way.
  • reports that a wholesale retailer has listed a 500GB Xbox Seagate storage card that is roughly half as expensive, slated for November 14, 2021.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles have been here for almost a year, and one of the headline features is a super-speedy SSD. With up to 1TB as standard, the Xbox Series X|S console storage can be expanded with a convenient, albeit pricey Xbox storage card from Seagate, which costs an eye-watering $220 as of writing.

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Since the card's launch, Xbox fans have been clamoring for a cheaper option, and one website has claimed that may soon be on the way.

According to a report from, a listing for a 500GB SSD option from Seagate has appeared on wholesale retailer Innelec's internal systems. The listing suggests this costs around 125 euros, making it cost roughly half that of the 1TB version, as you might expect.

Update: XboxSquad also posted a separate listing from French retailer Micromania suggesting a November 14, 2021 launch date for a 512GB card expansion, costing around $150.

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While we haven't been able to independently verify whether or not this card actually exists, it makes plenty of sense. Having a cheaper option available in time for the holiday season could be a good earner for Microsoft, making it a pretty good option for gifts and so on. The expansion card would also drop in time for massively-sized upcoming games like Halo Infinite, Call of Duty: Vanguard, and Battlefield 2042.

We've reached out to Microsoft to find out if they can confirm or debunk this retail listing. Either way, it's best to take it with a pinch of salt until we get something official or more concrete. Retail listings aren't always the best sources of information, but this particular one seems promising.

Right now, the cheapest way to expand your Xbox Series X|S storage is to use an external USB SSD/HDD and move the games to and from your internal Xbox storage. The process is cumbersome, but it can save you quite a bit of cash. If you want to give that a try, take a look at our roundup of best external SSDs for Xbox Series X and S.

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  • Hopefully there's a 2TB card in the works as well or even Xbox expansion cards made by Western Digital
  • Agreed though a smaller expansion card is also welcome
  • I'm guessing this 500GB option could be aimed at those with the Series S, to at least kind of double that console's built-in storage
  • Yep. However I would prefer a 2tb option so I can move my 1tb to my S and upgrade my X. First wolrd problems
  • Why are other manufacturers still unable to make these?
  • I realize it's only a 10% delta, but it would sure be nice to see these at $99 and $199, instead of (presumably) $110 and $220. Even if that were impossible for cost reasons a year ago, I would hope that would be possible by this fall and the holiday console purchasing period. That extra 10% is a real psychological barrier that reflects poorly on the entire Xbox Series overall TCO/affordability (total cost of ownership).
  • Wow 150 for 512gb is even more expensive!
  • Agree. Yes MS expandability option is convenient but the price is now starting to become a joke when compared to Sony's option which is making the headlines now. Was hoping MS expansion cards would drop in price ($/GB) after 12 months to get closer to SSD prices but that clearly ain't happening.
  • It should be noted that the MS Xbox X/S Expansion card, while it does use the PCIE interface and the NVME protocol, does NOT use an standard SSD (a la your typical PCIE 4x4 NVME SSD like a WD850 or Samsung 980 Pro.)
    Instead it used a modified CFExpress card for data storage and the NVME Protocol for communication.
    It has encrypted storage to match the internal encryption so you must use the MS interface to the custom CFExpress Card.
    This is similar to what they did with their Xbox OneX/Series X/S Blu-Ray Drives, they embedded a custom encryption chip on the circuit board for the drive, and if your drive failed for mechanical reasons, you needed to take the circuit board off the dead one and put it on a new one for it to work.
    Doubt that they will make a bigger one as 2 TB CFExpress cards are very rare. Smaller one, probably true.
  • Maaaaaannn. I was hoping that there would be more options as in SSDs from makers other than Seagate. I've had several drives from them over the years and they have all failed. I won't buy anything from them again.
  • Your reaction is human nature, so I'm not being especially critical, but I bet that, if you were to check the stats, the rate of failure for Seagate drives is pretty much the same as that for other manufacturers. If you received poor support from them when those drives failed then that would definitely be a reason to avoid them.
  • I have four of the 1 TB expansion cards, and they aren’t even close to enough for my ever expanding collection of Series games. What I need is something considerably larger.
  • What you need is to go outside now and again. 😉
  • There couldn't possibly be 5GB worth of Series X/S optimised games yet.
  • What if we can get themed Cards with the Game preloaded, eg. Halo Infinite card with the game already baked in. I don't know what the licensing issues will be, maybe a general use license in which any xbox can use it, but can't upload the game to the internal storage. Those will be sick! They can also have a reserved space in them for updates, other games and other stuff.