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Resident Evil Village Review
Resident Evil Village Review (Image credit: Windows Central)

Resident Evil Village is a game carefully crafted to incentive multiple playthroughs. Recently, I even wrote about how it has the best replayability of the entire series. As I upgrade my arsenal and become more familiar with the different areas of the game, my desire to do it all over again even faster increases. If you're interested in attempting your own speedruns of Resident Evil Village, here are some handy cheat sheets for all the major puzzles in the game.

All Lock Combinations

Resident Evil Village All Lock Combinations

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While most of the lock combination puzzles in Resident Evil Village aren't inherently difficult, this graphic provides a quick reference for each of the three lock puzzles in the game. For a more detailed breakdown on where these locks are and how to solve them, check out our detailed guide on all lock combinations.

Piano Puzzle

Piano Puzzle Solution Large

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In the castle guarded by Lady Dimitrescu, you'll come across a puzzle that will put your musical chops to test. If you don't feel like fumbling through the piano keys, the above image designates the order in which you should play each of the notes to solve the piano puzzle.

Music Box Puzzle

Resident Evil Village Music Box Solution Crop

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After Castle Dimitrescu, you'll have to make it through House Beneviento, which almost consists entirely of puzzles. In one of them, you'll need to restart a music box. Your goal here is to line up the various vertical slices with the markings on the edges of the track. Or you can take a peek at the image above for the solution.

Film Puzzle

Film Puzzle Solution

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House Beneviento is quite the puzzle gauntlet. Another one of the challenges contained within these halls is to organize strips of film in the proper order. Pictured here is the correct placement for each of the pieces of film.

Medallion Door

Reisdent Evil Village Medallion Door Crop

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The final puzzle you'll encounter in House Beneviento involves a series of medallions and their corresponding symbols locking a door. If you don't feel like re-examining the Mia mannequin, above is the solution for this door puzzle. If you want a detailed breakdown on all House Beneviento puzzles, as well as the quickest way to track down Donna during hide and seek, check out our guide.

Sluice Gate Control

Sluice Gate Control

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After being chased by fish Moreau, you'll make your way back to control room of the Sluice Gate. You'll need to change each of the buttons on this grid to match the scribbled note in this room. With the note being sideways, it can be slower going to cross reference. Thankfully, we've got the proper placement pictured above.

Any other speedrun tips?

Do you have any other tips or tricks for shortening your speedrun time in Resident Evil Village? What's your best time so far? Let us know in the comment section below! And if you're in the mood for some more scares, be sure to check out our list of the best horror games on Xbox.

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