Gears of War Component Kit will level up your Xbox One Elite Controller

Gears of War 4 is now available for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. That also means you have broad access to an array of toys, accessories, and collectibles. One of those is the super pricey Limited Edition Gears of War 4 Elite Controller for the Xbox One. Coming in at $199 and not being easy to find (you can still find it at GameStop) that is likely not an option for many.

What if you already have a $150 Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller? Luckily, there is an upgrade to make it more Gears ready.

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The Xbox One Elite Controller: Gears of War Component Kit by PowerA is not only a mouthful to say, but comes in at around $30. That is not cheap, especially when you remember that you are merely getting ten metal pieces for your controller.

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As you may know, the Elite Controller lets you pop off and customize the knobs and buttons. The Gears of War Component Kit just extends that with some color coordinated options, Gears logo, and a Directional Pad with weapon icons. They are all magenetic so they just pull off and on with ease and no need for tools.

Time to upgrade this controller!

The product descriptions is as follows:

The official Gears of War Component Kit is a true fan's addition to the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. Designed alongside The Coalition, to bring praise to your favorite game and performance expected for GOW gameplay. The kit includes a variety of magnetic components, including shorter paddles and low-friction, textured analog rings to withstand wear & tear. Fine-tune your accuracy and individual gaming style without compromising the quality expected for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. Choose from 2 Standard Analog Sticks, 1 Mid-Tall Analog Stick, 1 Domed Mid-Tall Analog-stick, 2 Upper Paddles, 2 Lower Paddles, and 2 Directional Pads.

Of course, the product is officially licensed by PowerA and features the Microsoft Xbox logos everywhere, so that's nice. The quality of the parts is top notch maintaining the heavy metal build quality of the original Elite components. I appreciate the little details like the Crimson Omen on the pads or the small guns on the Directional Pad.

Interestingly, there is only Mid-Tall Analog Stick and not a Tall one, so it is a tad shorter than the original Elite controller. It is, however, textured instead of domed/smooth, which I prefer for Gears of War gameplay.

I can't say it is worth $30, which seems excessive. On the other hand, if you are a true Gears fan spending money on such things is likely par for the course.

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So, putting aside price these are some decent controller accouterments. I would have appreciated a nice collector case for them when not in use as opposed to the disposable tray. To me, that seems like a lost opportunity, particularly in the $30 price range.

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But hey, if you do not want to spend the $200 on the Limited Gears of War Elite Controller the $30 here will at least give you a taste of that device even if just superficial. An alternative justification? You lost some of the original Elite controller components or just want something different.

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