Rise of the Tomb Raider set to hit the PC in January 2016

Rise of the Tomb Raider was a big feather in Microsoft's Xbox One cap heading to the holiday season, but that exclusive is now almost over. We previously heard that Lara Croft's latest adventure would hit Steam and Windows 10 in the early part of 2016 but now we've got a more concrete, January release courtesy of Valve's gaming service.

It's still going to be the tail end of 2016 before PlayStation 4 owners will be playing, but hearing such an early launch for the PC does put a little dampener on Microsoft's big marketing push around the game's Xbox One exclusivity. In any case, thanks to Steam, at least, we know PC gamers have their first big hit of the year to look forward to before Winter is out.

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Source: Steam

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  • Will windows 10 users get it free if they have it on XBO?
  • No.
  • No that's a loss of $$$
  • Still don't understand why 'Huge' games are on windows store. Would you really want a 20GB+ game in the store?
  • Sorry but that comment just makes no sense whatsoever. How is a 20gb+ game in the windows store any different to a 20gb+ game in the steam store? Fact is, it isn't. I just got Fable Legends beta down in the windows store. I forget how big it was, but it was multi-gigs. Seemed like the download speed was faster than steam too.
  • well, it takes me ~20-30min to download a 500MB game in the Windows Store, or 20-30min to download a 5,000MB game on Steam... so there is that.   Seriously though, download performance asside, I would love to see more AAA titles in the Store.  PC is the next gen Xbox... just a matter of time.
  • For me is exactly the opposite:windows store is faster than steam..
  • Well because traditionally games on the windows store are more for 'mobile' u see. And not for hardcore PC gaming?
  • Not surprising. The holiday season is over and 90% of the sales that they would've sold based on this exclusivity have already been bought. That being said, it's a shame that Microsoft is dragging their feet with Project Centennial, since putting these Win32 games in the store at the same time as Steam could give the Windows Store some real weight behind it.
  • But we don't want that. The Windows store doesn't give you access to game files, and its just extremely restrictive in general.
  • And you think most people care about that? Maybe the mod community may not like it, but the mass audience would never know the difference. So I'm not sure who "we" is, but I'm definitely not a part of it. I'd rather have everything under one account than have to deal with Steam's garbage UI, and especially after their royal screw up yesterday...
  • The last thing us PC gamers want is to get games off the Windows Store. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Speak for yourself. I've only downloaded one AAA game from the store so far, in beta, but the download speed was faster than steam. It'll all come down to price.
  • We? Speak for yourself. I'm sure the majority of people don't give two hoots about the actual game files. That said though, how the heck do you know how centennial packaged files will present in the windows apps folder on PC? How do you know that they won't be just as accessible as on steam? Oh that's right, you don't.
  • How is MS dragging their feet exactly? As far as we know, it's moving forward. It can't be easy to create a method of porting Win32 programs to the UWP model.
  • That's not what they're doing though (I mean, yes, they are doing that too, but that's not what this is). Project Centennial is the bridge that hosts Win32 apps in Hyper-V and makes it so you can download .exe from the Store. I know it's easy to be cynical and go "well, it can't be that hard!", but considering that they own their own virtualization solution and use it on the Xbox for the XboxOS, I'm inclined to believe that they're dragging their feet on this.
  • I thought the whole point of UWP was that it IS easy to do, otherwise what's the point?
  • On my opinion this game it's too easy too short too expensive... Where is old good TB? Where is professionalism with creating the game :/
  • Too easy....Depends on the difficulty. Too short...I completed 81% of the game in 25 hrs. Well worth the $$, IMO.
  • Yeah, I mean, I 100% beat Sunset Overdrive in about 20-30 hours as well.
  • Great fruckin game Sunset Overdrive. I didn't like it at first, but once I got used to the grinding mechanics, I couldn't put it down. Finished it, and it was worth every penny and the DLC.
  • Good game, but Microsoft's digital pricing is ********, and I'd rather just play the DLC and resell the game with the DLC, rather than pay $20 for the DLC now, rebuy the game (or rent it), then have the DLC for no reason long-term.
  • Well, they all kind of play the same. If you have played the others your a ******* pro and it shows when you play the game. So, change the settings to difficult. BTW, I'm loving this game and I love Lara Croft. Like, I want to marry this *****.
  • Agree Lara Croft looks and feel so freaking real, this game have me hook.
  • Yeah me too Posted via the Galaxy Note 5
  • Microsoft should've tried to get a temporary exclusivity deal on Rise of the Tomb Raider for the Windows 10 Store before it goes to competing stores. Would've been a great opportunity to get PC gamers to check out the Store and draw them into Xbox gaming.
  • Is it coming to the Windows 10 store at all?
  • Yes, it is.
  • Good, I would prefer to buy it from there than on steam. Is it coming out on the same day?
  • I'd rather not get it on the windows 10 store or stream.
  • Nah, you're more likely to tick people off.
  • So what? Those type of people that would get mad at Microsoft for doing that would never be Xbox / Windows 10 customers anyway. Why should Microsoft care what Steam fanboys think? They shouldn't. This would have been a great opportunity to cos the more open-minded PC gamers to the Windows 10 Store.
  • Microsoft is the publisher. Hiding the game from Steam users and making them mad hurts future sales of both that and other Microsoft-published content. Look at how folks reacted to GameLoft's removal of Xbox LIVE support on games. I know I stopped buying their stuff. Look at you and Kinect. People hold grudges. I didn't buy an EA title for 5 years over their online game stuff.
  • MS should of bought the rights to the franchise to compete with uncharted. They have boatloads of cash that they should leverage against the PS4. Personally I like EA Access. Sweet deal for XBox One and it's pro gamer. Sony won't have it on the PS4 becuz it hurts their bottom line. Which IMO makes XB1 more pro gamer than PS4.
  • Microsoft is not the publisher of the Steam version. Square Enix is.
  • Windows 10 store on desktop is slow, nonsense and it takes minutes till a download starts and sometimes 20-30 minutes to finish. An appstore should stay with mobile. All the app, have programms too. Those can be found and downloaded in no time from the inet.
  • Sorry, bit that's just you and your setup. App downloads fly now (they didn't back in July I'll grant you). The download speed of Fable Legends beta for me was much much better than steam ever gives me. And what do you think steam is if not an app store?
  • I swear, ive a high end pc. Its not my setup. And its not flying. Its taking ages. steam steam at least gives me my 23mb/s down ^^ the ms store wont. At least not the desktop one.
  • That was fast!
  • Wrong post
  • Personally I don't see this as exclusivity coming to an end. Microsoft have always said, even if their marketing wasn't clear, that this was a game exclusive on consoles. Also you could look at it this way... PC is a Microsoft platform too, is it not, simply by virtue of the OS? So the game is still a Microsoft exclusive in my eyes until late next year.
  • No. Exclusive means that its only for your plattform and for no other. Most of the money the game generates goes to the owner of the Plattform. Pc is not an exclusive platzform because uplay and origin are selling rise of the tomb raider as well as steam. Also MS isnt the publisher anymore and wont be getting any Penny, everything goes to square enix, the downloading platzform and crystal Dynamics. Theres nothing excusive about.
    Also I just hate that square enix is still waiting till end of 2016 for ps4. They could have side developed the basics for the ps4 version...
  • Get an XBox One, you can play it today.
  • Im an FPS type guy. 3rd person I suck at. But I appreciate a good story. Xbox live gold made the first Tomb Raider available free... So I downloaded it and only recently started it for the heck of it. It's quite a bit of fun! Im actually excited to finish it and start Rise of the TR :) highly recommend
  • Been playing on the Xbox one...about 50% through the game... Who cares what system you play it on, it's an epic game. If you liked the first one (reboot), it's just way better.... Dont think about it, just buy it...
  • You would have a point if 90% of PCs weren't WINDOWS PC & less then 20% of ALL PCs are powerful enough to run the game... So tell me again how this hurts Microsoft.