The Samsung SmartThings smart home hub has dropped to a new low of $55

The Samsung SmartThings 3rd-generation smart home hub is down to $55.36. It's already down to a nice low price of $56, and you can save a few extra cents with the on-page coupon. The hub normally sells above $60 and sometimes goes as high as $66 to $70. This is as low as we have ever seen for the hub.

Samsung SmartThings 3rd-generation smart home hub

Samsung SmartThings 3rd-generation smart home hub

Great way to add items that only use certain wireless protocols like Zigbee or Z-Wave. Works very well with things like the SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit. Adds voice control to those devices. Get 24/7 monitoring, new home automation, and more.

Smart home automation is fun, but it's not perfect. If you use a Google or Amazon device for voice control and some smart home automation, it's probably not compatible with certain wireless protocols. For example, if you use other Samsung products like the Home Monitoring Kit or smart bulbs from companies like Sengled, you need a special hub to link those devices to if you want to add them to your Amazon Alexa.

That's where the SmartThings hub comes in because it can handle wireless protocols like Zigbee, Z-Wave, and more. It works with more than 40 different brands, including light switches, speakers, cameras, sensors, and more. You can teach the hub routines like "Good Morning" or "Goodbye" and it will automatically turn things on or off. You can also get 24/7 monitoring so you'll get app alerts anytime there is unexpected activity.

The hub works with previous versions of other SmartThings devices. And you can download the Samsung Connect app to help you with setup.

John Levite
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