Save $15 on the Roku Streaming Stick+ 4K and get a pair of headphones at Best Buy

Roku Streamingstick 4k Headphones
Roku Streamingstick 4k Headphones (Image credit: Best Buy)

Head on over to Best Buy and grab the Roku Streaming Stick+ 4K Headphone Edition media streaming device on sale for a nice low price of $44.99. That's $15 off what it normally goes for at Best Buy, and similar versions can actually go for as much as $70 at other retailers like this one at Amazon. This is a Best Buy-exclusive Roku device so you won't actually find the exact same model anywhere else, but it does normally go for $60 so you're saving a chunk of change here.

Roku Streaming Stick+ 4K | $15 off

<a href="" data-link-merchant="""> Roku Streaming Stick+ 4K | $15 off

Gain full access to the Roku content library, not to mention all the other streaming apps that are made easily accessible with this. Plus you get a pair of headphones that make private listening easier.

If you don't care about the extras that come with the Streaming Stick+ like the separate pair of headphones, you can still get 4K streaming with just the regular Roku Streaming Stick. We shared a deal on it yesterday because it has also dropped in price and is currently going for just $30.

The Headphone Edition offered by Best Buy sets itself apart from other Roku devices because it includes a fantastic voice remote that lets you search for your favorite content with a voice command, a pair of premium-quality headphones, and the ability to plug those headphones into the remote and listen to all your content without disturbing the people around you.

Of course all Roku devices have one huge advantage to them. They give you access to the Roku smart platform and content library. That's hundreds of thousands of TV episodes and movies. That's easy and convenient access to all of your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV, and more. And because Roku is dependent on the success of this platform, you get regular updates that ensure it's always a fast and smooth experience.

In addition to that, this streaming device supports 4K content, HDR image quality, fast Wi-Fi, and more. Take it with you wherever you go and always stay connected to your favorite programs.

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