Save 15% on the Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD in every capacity at Newegg

Samsung 970 EVO Plus
Samsung 970 EVO Plus (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB NVMe M.2 solid state drive is down to $127.49 if you use the code EMCEYSB59 during checkout. That's a great low price. The same drive is $150 at Amazon and has never gone lower than $140 there before.

What's even more awesome is that this code works on every available capacity. You can get the 500GB drive down to $80.74 from its normal price of $95 or get the 2TB version for just $280.49, which is a huge drop from the $330 you normally find it going for. The choice really just depends on your budget, although I think the 1TB offers the best mix of storage space and speed without getting too expensive.

Honestly, if you've been paying attention to storage devices at all over the last few years you probably already know solid state drives are the way to go when it comes to speeds. They're just so much faster than hard drives. They are also more reliable and tend to be more durable since they don't have any moving parts. Of course, even among SSDs there are some big differences. For example, the form factor between SATA drives and M.2 drives. That's especially important because M.2 drives can have the NVMe protocol, which increases read and write speeds by twice as much if not more.

The 970 Evo Plus has that NVMe protocol and can achieve amazing read and write speeds of up to 3,500 MB/s and 3,300 MB/s respectively. Compare that to a SATA drive like the Samsung 870 Evo, which is still a great drive but has read/write speeds of 560 and 530 MB/s. Of course, that's still faster than a popular hard drive like the WD Red, which has read/write speeds around 150 MB/s. The 970 EVO Plus just puts them all to shame.

Samsung's drive, our overall favorite SSD of 2021, has plenty of other features, too. You can optimize the performance and protect your data. Get seamless cloning and file transfers using Samsung's Magician software. You'll receive automatic firmware updates, too. The Dynamic Thermal Guard protects your drive and monitors it for changes in the optimal temperature to help minimize performance drops.

Samsung covers the SSD with a warranty that's good for either five years or for the first 600 written terabytes.

John Levite
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