Save up to 28% on a robot vacuum including $150 off the Roborock S7 today

Roborock S7 Vacuum
Roborock S7 Vacuum (Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon's Epic Daily Deals features a huge sale on Roborock vacuums that are up to 28% off. You can get an older generation at a super inexpensive price or get one of the newest ones like the Roborock S7 for as low as $499.99. The S7 was just released earlier this year and has been selling for around $650 for most of that time. Today's price drop is the lowest we've seen, and since this is part of Amazon's daily deals section we know it won't last long.

Roborock S7 robot vacuum and mop | $150 off

Roborock S7 robot vacuum and mop | $150 off

Part of a one-day sale at Amazon that includes a variety of robot vacuums from Roborock on sale. The S7 includes a lot of smart features and can even mop your floors in addition to vacuuming.

So the S7 is a lot more advanced than most robot vacuums because it can vacuum and mop, and it can do both at the same time! Vacuum your carpets and mop your hard wood floors in a single pass. It's smart enough to be able to detect carpet and lift up and stop mopping so you don't end up with soggy floors. It actually uses ultrasonic sound to keep a look out for carpet, and once it detects some it can automatically switch functions to ensure a deep clean. Plus it will lift up when it has finished its job so it doesn't spread dirt or leave tracks around.

The vacuum function has 2500Pa suction, which is really powerful for a robot vacuum. It can easily lift dirt and hair and clean deep inside carpets. The 600g mop pressure ensures no dirt stains get left behind, and it has a 300ml electronic water tank to cover a large floor.

You can fully control the vacuum from the free app. Set up schedules, adjust its suction power, look at its routes, and more. You can set the water flow, designate No-Go zones that will act as invisible walls, and more. It even has compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple's Siri so you can control the S7 with a simple voice command.

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