Ever been in a situation where your Xbox is completely filled with games and you've got another one to install? Now you have to pick and choose which games survive and which don't! And while you might not want to believe it, you know the ones you delete probably aren't coming back so you try and pick ones you can live without. Talk about stressful. Well, fret no more with Seagate's 4TB Game Drive external hard drive on sale for $109.99. That's a $40 drop from its regular price and the lowest it has ever been on Amazon. It's a great deal with a huge capacity that should ensure you can install all your games and rarely have to worry about deleting any until long after you've beaten them.

4tb Game Drive

Seagate Game Drive 4TB hard drive | $40 off

You'll get 4TB of space for saving all of your favorite games in an era where games are bigger and bigger all the time. It's fast, compatible with a wide variety of Xbox consoles, and down to a low price.

The Game Drive is designed to work specifically with the Xbox and will work on the Xbox One as well as the newer generations Xbox Series S and Series X. Considering the Series S doesn't have an optical drive and relies mostly on digital titles, it would come in really handy with that console. You won't have to worry about filling up the console's default drive and having to delete titles you were still hoping to play.

Seagate has made several Game Drives over the years, but this one has one of their best designs. It's simple and fits the Xbox aesthetic, especially with that LED bar that accentuates the whole thing. Add a little more Xbox green lighting to your gaming area.

Seagate backs up the drive with a one-year limited warranty. It also includes a 3-year Rescue Data Recovery Service so you can read and write from this drive with peace of mind.

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