Save energy and money with Amazon's Smart Thermostat on sale for $48

Amazon Smart Thermostat
Amazon Smart Thermostat (Image credit: Amazon)

If you've ever thought about upgrading from your home's regular thermostat to a smart thermostat but haven't done it yet, the reason you haven't done it is probably the money, right? Most of these smart thermostats cost hundreds of dollars, and that can cause some serious hesitation even on a device that could really improve your quality of life like these smart thermostats can. Well, maybe the Amazon Smart Thermostat is your chance to try something new. It's even on sale today and down to just $47.99 through Amazon, which is $12 off its regular price and a match for the lowest we've ever seen. It has only dropped this low a couple times in the past, including over Black Friday, so this is your opportunity to score a Black Friday deal well after the fact.

Amazon Smart Thermostat | $12 off

Amazon Smart Thermostat | $12 off

This is an extremely simple smart thermostat that offers you an upgrade over regular thermostats. Not only do you save money on the deal, but you might be able to secure a rebate from your energy company. Installs easily and gives you smart control over your home.

The direct discount isn't the only way you can save money, either. Some energy companies offer rebates to you when you upgrade. Amazon will even send you details about all the potential rebates available in your area. Plus, just enhancing your home with a smart thermostat will save you money because it lowers your energy usage overall, dropping the price you pay on your utility bill. It is Energy Star certified, and Alexa's ability to control the temperature will help you save up to $50 a year. Basically, this thing pays for itself over time.

The Amazon Smart Thermostat is also designed to be incredibly simple. You can install it in 45 minutes or less thanks to the Alexa app and the step-by-step instructions that help you do it. It's also very easy to use with on-the-go controls, the Alexa app that lets you control the temperature from anywhere, and more.

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