Surface Pro 2 Geek + Sundry deal

Folks who take advantage of their Surface Pro 2 for gaming are probably in the minority, but Microsoft is tossing up a pretty sweet deal for those who want to get a little more than just productivity done on the device. The Microsoft Store is offering up what it calls a "Geek & Sundry" bundle deal with the Surface Pro 2 that shaves over $100 off buying the tablet, an Xbox Wireless Controller for Windows and two game downloads — War Thunder Mustang Advanced Pack and Farming Simulator 2013 — all together.

Best of all the deal is available for any capacity of the Surface Pro 2 from 64GB up to 512GB (although it's currently out of stock), and there's no fancy rebate or anything to get the deal. Simply follow the source link below, select your Surface Pro 2 model and check the appropriate boxes to get your free Xbox Wireless Controller — your electronic receipt will have codes for the game downloads on it automatically.

This deal is live until May 1st as well if you need some more time to decide, but even if you don't need the games it's hard to turn down the value of the controller alone if you already plan buying a Surface Pro 2.

Source: Microsoft Store

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