How to make quick gold in Sea of Thieves

Money makes the world go around – and this is especially true for Microsoft's latest pirate adventure game, Sea of Thieves. Each of the game's activities ends with a gold reward used to unlock cosmetics. But with high prices for the most coveted items, you'll spend hours sailing towards that fresh look.

If you're looking to get quick gold, investing time in some activities is better than others. Spend less time grinding and more time buying with these tips for earning gold fast in Sea of Thieves.

Take on Skeleton Forts

One of the most rewarding aspects of Sea of Thieves is the game's Skeleton Forts, offering large payouts in return for relatively little time. These battles pit crews against countless waves of skeleton crews, with a final boss leading to epic loot.

Skeleton Forts can be seen while exploring the seas and are indicated by a skull-shaped cloud in the skies. Underneath this cloud lays a fort packed with hordes of skeletons to kill. After defeating the final boss, crews will receive a stronghold key, unlocking access to a keep packed with chests, skulls and other high-value treasure. These goods are often valued between 10,000 to 20,000 gold, varying based on the contents.

While Skeleton Forts bring high rewards, they also come with high risks. When engaging in a Skeleton Fort, all nearby pirates can see the cloud and can join the event. While often this means sharing gold with another crew, hostile pirates can leave others empty-handed.

Prioritize the right voyages

A majority of your time in Sea of Thieves is spent completing voyages from three trading companies, with different mission structures and rewards tied to each. While all are valid routes of income, some trading companies are easier to earn with than others.

The Order of Souls offers some of the quickest gold rewards, requiring players to kill high-value targets across nearby islands. Stocking up quests among your crew can be the source of dozens of skulls, many fetching high prices when sold. Gold Hoarders are also recommended, especially during later voyages with high payouts.

Voyages from the Merchant Alliance can provide steady income, but don't have a consistent time to gold ratio seen with other factions. Wondering islands in search of specific animals is rarely worth the coin in return.

Keep an eye out for shipwrecks

While completing formal quests, don't forget to keep an eye out for shipwrecks. Indicated by a swarm of birds flying overhead, these underwater ruins can house a collection of treasure for little effort.

Scavenging downed ships can be a small gamble – some hold low-level chests, while others hold several high-tier items waiting to be sold. Sometimes worth thousands, don't hesitate to veer off course.

Sail with high-level friends

As you improved your trading reputation levels, you'll also gain access to better voyages. Adding multiple objectives and valuable loot, you'll have to chance to earn faster the more you play.

Without multiplayer restrictions on levels and rewards, lower level players can join experienced crews without sacrificing the value of rewards. Allow the player with the highest reputation level to propose voyages while playing with friends, netting more for your group. This will also help others increase their reputation levels too.

Your pirate advice

What guidance do you have for fellow pirates on the seas? Drop into the comments section below with further tips for earning quick gold.

Matt Brown

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