Sega is giving away a bundle of games for free on Steam

Sega is in the mood for war and has unleashed a package of games on Steam, which the publisher is allowing consumers to download for free. The games total just over $30, and include the likes of Golden Axe and Jet Set Radio. While this is an enticing promotion (and one we simply cannot recommend enough - free stuff!), it's worth noting that we're looking at a limited time offer, so be sure to add the games to your library before the promotion inevitably ends.

To gain access to the bundle of titles, simply check out a single listing and hit "Install" (under the purchase box). This will then add all five games to your Steam library. The promotion, Make War Not Love, sees Sega getting fans involved in titles like Dawn of War 2 and Total War Attila to tally up wins and possibly even unlock additional free DLC for their respective game.

You have until February 20 to take advantage of this promotion. Hit the link below to learn more and grab your free games.

Grab your free games bundle now on Steam!

Source: Polygon

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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