Senua's Saga: Hellblade II revealed for Xbox Series X

Senua's Sacrifice
Senua's Sacrifice (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

What you need to know

  • The Game Awards 2019 took place in California today.
  • A lot of new games were revealed at the event.
  • Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X alongside Senua's Saga: Hellblade II.
  • The game will be part of Xbox Game Pass (opens in new tab) at launch.

Today, Microsoft surprised everyone at The Game Awards 2019 by revealing the Xbox Series X next-generation console. To showcase the power of the machine, the company revealed a trailer for Senua's Saga: Hellblade II. The footage was in-engine and looks like a live-action film. It was truly an extraordinary moment.

It's unclear if Senua's Saga: Hellblade II will launch with Xbox Series X or if it's going to come later. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more. Until then, be sure to gawk at the amazing trailer.

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Asher Madan

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  • I'm really, really excited for this game.
  • Dear God next gen looks gorgeous!
  • It's insane that that's all in-engine. Never seen anything like it.
  • This is really annoying.
    So since MS purchased them, they announced a multiplayer Overwatch-clone.
    Ok, but now it's a sequel. Ninja Theory doesn't do sequels. Hellblade was a brilliant game a brilliant experience but I thought the story was done and finished. They don't do sequels. Sequels is more of a MS thing. 343i was created to make endless Halo sequels, Coalition just does Gears. We get endless Forza games. We've seen Crackdown 1,2,3...
    MS was talking about wanting a State of Decay 3, when State of Decay 2 was just released. And now Ninja Theory is making a sequel.
    At this point, I don't know how to take MS's claim about giving creative freedom to devs seriously. And before people come and say I'm posting this about the Hellblade sequel now, just because they announced it. Well, here is what I posted few weeks back:
  • I do remember you worried about this. Personally I love the lore of the Hellblade series, I'm a little annoyed that it's following Senua, as it could have focused on someone else, tackled their issues in a different way and brought light to a different form of mental illness. But yeah, as much as I am excited to play this game (because Ninja Theory) it definitely feels like a forced move given NT's track record.
  • @Sin Ogaris
    I've had time to think about it. And I'll still look forward to the game.
    I actually love Senua as a character. [Spoiler alert if you didn't finish the game]
    At the end of Hellblade when she finally let the past go and she walks off, part of me wanted to follow her and see what she becomes..
    When you look back at the entire journey, what some sections of the game represented in her real life. When you look at what it all meant at the end. The atmosphere that speaks about how she sees and has to deal with her world. And how they ended it.
    I thought the whole game was just brilliant and had a perfect ending.
    This was a bit like the first Life is Strange. I just couldn't see a sequel with the same characters. It had to be a total new cast with different ability and story. What's annoying is that NT is capable of so much. It's about innovation and providing a new different experience like no other game makers. I thought Insight Project would be a way where we could see them tackle other mental health issues, or in a different way like you said. Maybe a modern take with different characters?
    I just wonder how they'll be able to do that here.
    And what's annoying me the most is that despite MS's claim that they give 100% creative freedom for their studios, I see loads of examples that shows the opposite.
    [End of Spoiler] I'm still looking forward to follow Senua on her next journey. And I can't wait for the game.
  • @sin. I Dont think there is anything to worry about. Ninja Theory have made it clear that Hellblade 2 was already on their roadmap when designing Hellblade 1. The major difference is Hellblade 1 was made on a very tight budget of only $10 million. Who knows they may have had to cut alot out of the first game just to get the game made. They did do a video explaining the Constraints they had to go through as a AA developer in terms of funding. This time around Ninja Theory have practically unlimited money compared to what they are used to. And on top of that direct access to MS animation studios, Facial capture studios and Xbox Graphics support tech teams 24/7. We now have the opportunity to see what this team is really capable of without all these constraints. It's very exciting.
  • You made a mistake.. Xbox Games Studios isn't telling their developers what to do.. The developers GET to make the games they want to make and put their visions in it, sequal or whatever, and not because Phil or anyone else demands it. Only thing the studio expects are games in any form or vision and only that. That is 100% freedom in game creating.
  • @ISO
    I haven't made a mistake. An opinion cannot be a mistake. But I'll give you and everyone more that make me don't trust MS.
    When Ninja Theory were independent they had 100% freedom. They didn't make sequels of successful games. They took risk, tried new things and that's why a game like Hellblade was possible.
    Here they make a Overwatch-clone and a sequel.
    That's nothing to do with their DNA. Mojang introduced microtransactions in Minecraft after MS bought them. Before they used to make April fools joke about having microtransactions in Minecraft. Rare became a studio for kinect games and when MS wanted to push for services, they made a game as a service with microtransactions. I already talked about MS talking of SoD 3, when the 2 was just released. Here is what was said:
    "When we first started working on State of Decay, we had a much bigger game, a much more persistent online game, and I know that Undead Labs will get there eventually, but by bringing them into the Microsoft family, I think we're able to accelerate that and get us there sooner which is great."
    "In the case of Undead Labs, we absolutely want to go make State of Decay 3. That is a clear goal. That studio will have some other incubation, they'll work on some things, but this is a State of Decay 3 team." After the success of There was something similar with Outer Worlds. It was not even released and MS was already talking of more sequels...
    “I think that’d be that kind of game. From what we’ve seen of the Outer Worlds, my hope is that that’s something we can build and that it really becomes an enduring franchise and it really starts to grow and we can help expand that.”
    Booty explained that he believes The Outer Worlds could be a franchise Xbox helps to build on in future because of its big universe and narrative. Their studios make games with microtransactions, I don't see how devs WANT to have grinding and microtransactions in their games. I would like to see if some of the studios they recently bought will start to introduce microtransactions in the future (just like what happened with Minecraft). For me, these are some of the things that goes against their claim that they give 100% creative freedom for their studios.
  • It doesn't surprise me yet again your trying to downplay MS. Firstly you have been going around claiming MS will have their 15 studios only making smaller multi-player ganes with a service focus because of Gamepass. And now your trying to portray MS somehow force their developers to make certain games. Which you have been touting for the last 2 years. In fact you said they forced Ninja Theory to make multi-player games which is why Bleeding Edge existed. Even though that also started development before MS acquired them.
  • @Richard
    More lies from you about things that I claim. LOL
    Will your lies EVER stop? Anyway, did you even play the original Hellblade?
    Can you post ONE link where you actually praised Hellblade before they announced the sequel? There have been loads of Hellblade topics around here... I've posted a link where I did. And also showed that I'd rather see a new game than a sequel.
    I'm predicting a lot of MS fan (who never talked about Hellblade in the past) will hype this like crazy.
  • My gamertag is Selnor1983. Go and look for yourself. Look at the date I played it. And how much Gamers ore I have for it. Also you'll notice I also rinsed Enslave. Another amazing Ninja Theory game. I have just provided instant proof that your claim MS are forcing NT to make Hellblade 2 as utter nonsense and lies. Yet you'll try and Sony squirm yourself out of it again. Anyone that frequents this site knows your dead against Gamepass. And accused MS multiple times that they dictate smaller multi-player focused service games for Gamepass. Even though there is 0 evidence to support that claim. And regularly we have announcements to the contrary.
  • We don't really know exactly what Ninja Theory want. You could be 100% correct or you may not. They said that they chose to make a AAA-quality game of half the length at half the price. One of the motivating factors for that specific choice is that they didn't really have the resources to make something that good on a bigger scale. As such, they may have been somewhat disappointed that they weren't able to fulfil a grander vision. With the backing of Microsoft, they do now have the freedom to pursue such a grand vision so maybe it was their choice to do so. It may be that Microsoft and Ninja Theory see Senua's Saga as Xbox's answer to God of War. Or the truth may be rather different. We just don't know whether what Ninja Theory were saying publicly was everything they were thinking or how having the backing of a giant like Microsoft might change their approach.
  • Yeah, you may be right. But do read my reply to Sin Ogaris where I wrote a bit more details as to what annoyed me more. When they talked about Insight Project, I was really positive about that (I still am). But I thought it would mean explore other issues, tackle it in a different way and having someone else struggle with their mental illness.
    Bringing Senua back is kind of limiting things. I hope MS is not thinking this is their reply to God of War. I really hope MS don't see this as a product to compete with a rival product. This goes beyond console war. The first Hellblade was not created for XB. As good as God of War is, it's still a generic game compared to how unique Hellblade is. Hellblade got to continue to be unique. NT got to do their own thing. Take risks and not rely on past success to milk franchise.
    I really don't want NT to be "the Hellblade Studio". Just like other MS studios...
  • I didn't necessarily mean turning Hellblade into a long-running franchise, but rather this specific game being viewed in a similar way as the last GoW was for Playstation. No, Senua's Sacrifice wasn't an Xbox game but I have no issue if Senua's Saga is. I'm a PC gamer and I don't expect Microsoft to keep their Xbox exclusives off PC as well. If Playstation owners are disappointed, they can thank Sony for it. It was clear that Microsoft didn't really want to go down the route of lots of games being unavailable on various platforms but Sony forced their hand. I think that Xbox owners wanted to know that they would be missing out on something by not owning an Xbox to justify their decision to buy one.
  • Hellblade was the game that got me into sword combat games. I was pretty much exclusively into shooters until I played that but I've been venturing more sword-based games since. Looking forward to this game a LOT!
  • This looked phenomenal. It's hard to believe it really was running in realtime in engine. But it's been confirmed as such. The first game was an absolute master in storytelling, atmosphere, sound and narrative. Can't wait to play the 2nd now it's AAA.
  • Don't forget that the release for Xbox One X, at the time (Hell, even looking at it now), is one of the most impressive games visually of this generation. It's rare you get the complete package, but Hellblade definitely had it. Man, now I want to play it again.
  • Same here. I've got a HUGE library of unplayed games but I keep weighing up whether to replay Hellblade every time I install something new.
  • I actually played Hellblade on my One S before I got an X. I'm definately going to replay it on my One X this coming year. I. So excited to see just what Ninja Theory is capable of now they aren't limited by funds to make their projects.