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Use this shortcut to quickly launch the Windows 10 Feedback App on your phone

The Windows 10 Technical Preview for phone is now available, at least for some people. One of the most important things about using this early release is giving feedback back to Microsoft. After all, you are partly responsible for the future direction of this operating system.

Windows 10 for phones, like the desktop version, has a Feedback App built in. One way that you can quickly access the application anytime is to use this simple trick.

Windows Feedback App shortcut

  • Press at the same time Volume Down and the Power button 

The first few times you launch the app, there will be a pause, but it should get faster in time. Of course, you can also just initiate the app from the apps listing where it is listed as 'Windows Feedback' or pin it to your Start screen.

Windows 10 Feedback in Cortana

Other times when you are using the Windows 10 on the phone you may notice a small text message icon in various spots. For instance, in the above image you can see it in Cortana. Tapping this brings you to a new dialog screen in the Windows Feedback app to share your thoughts on the user experience.

So there you go! Make sure you take advantage of these tools so we can make Windows 10 better together.

Update: It has been brought to our attention that using this key combo method also takes a screenshot at the same time, which then allows you to add it directly to a new feedback post. Very cool!

Thanks, Johannes K., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Can you show us multitasking in another video please??
  • It probably hasn't changed yet.
  • It's exactly same as 8.1
  • Yup, exactly the same. Nothing new (yet).
  • Well parallax view should be there even if there is full background and also transparency level of tiles can be adjusted .!!! Once I get my hands on w10 with my 720 I LL surely try to get that via feedback .! But its my opinion also there should be a transparent or translucent type of notification centre that will enhnace the look more .!! Well still. More to come ;)
  • agreed, I have W10 on my L630, W8.1 on my 1020, much prefer the transparent tiles of the 8.1. what's the point of having a full screen background, then covering it in coloured translucent tiles? the onlt colour giving a reasonable result is STEEL but then the writing on the phone is all grey, yuk. Been trying to find how to send feedback
  • The real question is....when can my 1520 have it?
  • Microsoft, smart dialing please please please please
  • What build number does your public version have?
  • 9941.12498 on Lumia 630
  • Excellent, thanks.
  • Strangely though there is no 8.15 in the front as leaked photos.
  • Because that was an earlier private build.
  • -w- ugh. Nothing will be as painful as Cyan+Tmo
  • I wouldn't know; T-Mo dumped support for mine before Black; I'm stuck on Amber.
  • Amber??!! WTF
  • Hahaha! Anyway Amber was way better smooth than wp8.1 on Lumia 920.
  • I can't even download the update ;-; not available to Lumia 520 until now
  • Don't you read it? The devices who get the first build are 630 635 730 735 830
  • Really..... That's cool... In the future they should let us us that as a shortcut for whatever we like.
  • Actually that's a very good idea.
  • This was what WinMo 6.0 did....
    There's so many great features MS could take from WinMo it's ridiculous...
  • For example I could launch a camera app using the volume keys. It would be nice especially on devices without a dedicated camera button
  • OMG❗ That's exactly right. I didn't think of that.. They must implement this.
  • i though the same thing, hope it happens :D
  • And, also give us that screen to the left for us to customize with special apps like in WinMo..
  • No 1020 support I dont even want to know Dan. Grr
  • This is great! Keep up the good work, guys
  • What us the size. How many MEGABYTES?
  • This is officially one of the best hardware shortcuts ever.
  • Uhm.. although it's not available to download W10 for 1020 (yet), I don't know if I would.. I mean, I heard it's better to wait, because this is BETA, your phone full of bugs, slow, slow graphics they said.. I don't want my phone to be slower than it is -sometimes-. I don't know, that's what I think. I'd love to have W10, but maybe is better the wait.
  • It's always better to wait ;). But I would love it today lol
  • The part that Dan didn't mention is that by accessing the feedback app via this shortcut, it also automatically captures a screenshot and attaches it to your feedback/problem report. The idea is that if you encounter a glitch while using the phone, you can quickly send them a picture of it. If you just want to see and comment on reports from other people, then I wouldn't recommend using this shortcut. Use the entry in the App List instead. Otherwise you might accidentally attach a useless screenshot when voting "me too" on something. :D
  • +1
  • Update: Please ignore the "The part that Dan didn't mention" in my original comment. I see the article has been updated now. Thanks guys!
  • My volume and power buttons are broken
  • That is very big problem with many L720.
  • This is excellent. They are making it super easy to hear the voice of the customer. Apple who?
  • I was hoping on a landscape layout too. It runs smootly and i hope office mail and calander will be updated shortly
  • I have the lumia 830 and it is stable
  • When will be getting update for 720?!
  • It didnt work out
  • When is coming windows 10 preview for Lumia 735