Show up to every meeting in 4K with the Aluratek webcam on sale for $70

Aluratek 4k Webcam
Aluratek 4k Webcam (Image credit: Best Buy)

Webcams suffered last year, too, you know! A classic case of supply and demand. There has been a whole lot of demand for webcams since more and more people started working from home, doing school from home, and looking into content creation... from home. Unfortunately the unusual circumstances of 2020 led to a short supply at the same time, so good prices on decent webcams were hard to find for a while there. If you're still looking for a webcam or want to upgrade one you're not happy with, grab the Aluratek 4K broadcast webcam on sale for $69.99 today only at Best Buy.

This sale is part of Best Buy's deals of the day. Best Buy claims this is a $110 discount, and you can still find this webcam going for $180 at some retailers like B&H. It's worth pointing out that Amazon has price-matched this deal. While this is the lowest it has ever been at Amazon as well, the camera normally sells for between $80 and $100 there.

Whatever you use a webcam for, you'll be able to do it in style with this one. Join a video conference, stream, broadcast, record a podcast, or whatever else. Do it all in full 4K video. The webcam also has stereo noise-cancelling microphones that can eliminate ambient noises you don't want, making your voice crystal clear whenever it's your turn to speak. It also has a 90-degree view that doesn't distort angles either. As long as you're at least 10 inches away from the webcam, you'll get a Fixed Focus lens that provides clear video.

The automatic low light correction means you don't have to have a professional lighting setup, either. It can fine tune your image to help out when the lights are dim. Use the 5x digital zoom to frame the view exactly how you want it. You can crop out distracting backgrounds or hide your desktop littered with empty coffee cups.

Use the built-in tripod mount to rest your webcam on a tripod instead of your monitor or laptop. The simple USB plug-and-play makes it easy to get setup. Plus, it's compatible with a variety of platforms, too, including Xbox. It runs on Windows or MacOS.

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