Sling TV brings streaming television to the Xbox One [Update: now live]

Update 2: The Sling TV app is now officially live for Xbox One users (opens in new tab) with a one month free trial, or three months if you purchase a new Xbox One console from the Microsoft Store website or the company's retail stores in the US from now until March 22.

Update: Well that's weird. It looks like someone at Sling TV may have hit the "post" button a little prematurely. The blog post has since been taken down, leaving a test page in its wake. In any event, it looks like the service should be landing on the Xbox One soon enough, and we'll update this post again when it's live.

Original story: Sling TV, Dish Network's internet-based television offering, has launched on the Xbox One today, making it the first console to have access to the streaming service.

With Sling TV on the Xbox One, users can access live television right from their console for $20 a month.

Sling TV, which was announced back at CES 2015, delivers live television from a number of popular channels like ESPN, CNN, Cartoon Network, and AMC. In addition to the base $20 package, users have the option of adding additional channel packages, such as Kids Extra and News & Info Extra, for an additional $5 each.

With its launch on the Xbox One, Sling TV also brings features that users of the console have come to expect out of their apps. If users have a Kinect, they'll be able to control the app with voice and gesture commands. Additionally, the app can be pinned to the dashboard and snapped with another activity so you can watch that latest episode of Better Call Saul while you're slashing your way through Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Additionally, Microsoft and Sling TV are also offering up three free months of the service for anyone who purchases a new Xbox One. The announcement doesn't make mention of how long the promo may last, but it's still a decent perk for those who are planning to pick up one of the consoles in the near future.

If you'd like to grab the Sling TV app and give the service a shot, you should be able to snag it from the app store on your Xbox One now. If you're new to Sling TV, you can also grab a free 7 days just by signing up for an account. Though it isn't mentioned in Sling TV's announcement, Microsoft also announced back in January that Xbox Live subscribers will also score one free month of the service.

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  • This is something I'd like... I've always wanted to ditch cable.
  • Seems cheaper.
  • Stopped having cable for 4 years ago. Been using Sling for over a month now. LOVE IT!!
  • How many channels do you have and is it only in the living room? I have dish already but of course I have two hoppers and two joey's
  • Only in the living room. $20 each room/device. One account per stream.
  • 16 channels
  • Is there any on-demand or is it just live?   Can you watch AMC's shows later? 
  • Ditch cable! LOL
  • I'm definitely gonna try this out.
  • Thanks Dan! The streaming works outside of the US? Well, just read it, I'll use that free 7 days and test it.
  • No idea on availability outside of the U.S., but it wouldn't surprise me if it isn't available :/ As an aside, I tried Sling out a month or so ago and it's not bad if you can get over the commercials. I've been a cord cutter going on 2 years or so now, and seeing 5 minute commercial breaks started driving me insane after a bit.
  • Three months of you buy an Xbox
  • Cool! I was wondering how long it would take for them to launch it on the XBox One. However, Sling TV is still very primitive and my understanding is most channels don't allow you to pause, rewind, etc. and that the sound is stereo only (not surround). Still, I'm permanently ditching regular cable TV at the end of this month and will look for a new solution in the fall as I don't care about anything on TV this spring/summer. If Verizon launches their IPTV service and it works with the XBox One, that might be a better solution, but I'm glad Sling TV has an XBox One app now as it at least provides an option for me. 
  • I have its equivalent on Roku via Dishworld and it has 7 days of rewind and programs available.
  • Don't see it on Smartglass.
  • I tried it on the Roku...think it needs some work and more content. Canceled before the trial period was over.
  • I can't find it in the store
  • The announcement post was up for a good while, but it looks like someone at Sling TV pushed it live a bit early. Updated the article accordingly.
  • Got it thanks
  • Wonder if MS will be a hbo now partner too.
  • Since Apple has temporary exclusivity, we'll probably see it launched alongside W10 on all screens.
  • Apple's exclusivity is for three months. That's already touching away and a new partner was announced today.
  • AppleTV only has a 3 month exclusive. It'll be showing up on Roku, Xbox, Playstation, and even WiiU. At the same time Showtime Now Subscriptions get announced.
  • I dont think it is up yet. I searched for it in the store, and it wasnt there. That, and the link posted says "This is a Test" It is also still listed as "coming soon" on their website.  
  • U right.
  • The announcement post at the source link was up for a good while, but it looks like someone at Sling TV may have pushed it live a bit early. Updated the article accordingly.
  • Time to sign up! Been waiting on this!
  • Don't! Only get a free week with sling, xbone users get a month when it's out... In a few minutes? Lol
  • I think Windows Central lied. I can't find it via search through Xbox, Smartglass, or just in the apps section of the store. D:
  • No lie, the announcement post was up for a good while. It looks like someone at Sling TV pushed it live a bit early. Updated the article accordingly.
  • Man that's misleading, I thought it would be the Sling Box app
  • Me too.
  • ive been dying to get rid of time warner.  they gave me a huge discount last year which i could not resist, but this year, i really am done with them.
  • OP, please update article with coming soon.
  • The blog post was up for a good while, but it looks like someone at Sling TV pushed it live a bit early. Updated the article accordingly.
  • For real so misleading!
  • C'mon Canada!
  • This is great. It would be nice if they/ms added in some way of using an external drive as DVR; I could finally get rid of comcast. It would be better if ms controlled the DVR function because I could tape broadcasts from HD antenna and watch all from one place. I need my sports.
  • Hell yeah Pioneer Woman, she cooks like crazy.
  • They should make a price for a year package
  • Would like for it to be integrated into one guide hopefully
  • i don't care about xboxone how xbox360, i have a bad feeling that microsoft going to fuck over 360's like they don't care and i saw it when no windows 10 xbox 360 app was dropped.
  • They very recently started up another Preview for 360 program. Relax.
  • Supporting a console for 10 years isn't long enough for you?
  • I hope you apply that same dumb logic in everything, even a house if you have one cause who cares after 10 years right?!
  • Yeah, HE'S the one who is using dumb logic!  /s
  • A sad fact for them is that if they dropped the One, considerably fewer people would be upset as compared to if they dropped the 360. Furthermore, from an overall perspective, the 360 delivers better value and a decent experience. To further compound the problem, gaming is making the shift to more casual games, which the 360 is more than capable of. They'd be foolish at this point to ignore the 360.
  • I have over 70 games on my hard drive and discs, I am not getting rid of the One doesn't even have 5% of the amount of games 360 have.
  • Nothing wrong with rolling with a classic but even car manufacturers only guarantee parts for 10 years after a model year. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Still won't get unless they add Foxnews.
  • I have sling tv on my xbox and it is a good service. Good channels, it's amazing. ________________________ healthy recipes  
  • Sling user and fan for over a month now... Mostly via amazon firestick and I'm very pleased. Its well worth the price... Channels for the whole family... Wife has hgtv and food network... Kids have Disney and abcfamily... I get travel and CNN and ESPN.. To name a few. I recommend checking it out! Combined the 'no fee' over-the-air DVR via hdhomerun tuner and windows media center on windows 8.1... Its a great "cable free" setup.
  • How is the Amazon Firestick?
  • SlingTV is an interesting start, but it's just way too limited on the channel selections to be of much interest widespread. What would be interesting is if you could a la carte the channel selections. For example, I might choose "ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX/SyFy/AMC/USA/TBS/FX". That would be a pretty awesome lineup (for my tastes).
  • I'd like that too. There are less than 10 channels I watch. It would be great to get them at a reduced price.
  • Slung is just the beginning of the a la carte cable package. Sony mentioned something recently and Apple is rumored to have a competitor this fall. I couldn't be happier to see this trend.
  • You do realize that ABC, Fox, CBS and NBC are free, right? All you need is an antenna and a good view of the sky.
  • You're right!  I just need to move! It's so easy!
  • How about checking the Xbox store before releasing and article
  • Wish they were also launching a Slingbox app as well.
  • While you're at it, tell us that the next builds for Win 10, are available.
  • XBOX ONE is console ever!!
  • Okay, let me get this straight.  I have Dish Network.  My ViP722 Dish box is connected to my Xbox, which is connected to my TV and my sound system.  I watch sat TV through my Xbox and use the OneGuide on it, too.  Now there's going to be an app that lets me stream "live TV" through my Xbox....that I already SEE live WITHOUT an app?  What am I missing here?
  • I want the sling box app for my WP now
  • There is a SlingBox app for Windows Phone. This isn't SlingBox, you're referring to something else.
  • You are missing the entire point of Sling TV. Do some research.
  • Really.
  • You're missing the fact that you have a satellite dish attached to the side of your house.  This is Dish Network over the internet. 
  • Your bill. With the app it's only $20 bucks and you don't need a dish or any equipment. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • It is up, now.
  • Can you double dip both the amazon fire stick/tv offer and the free month?
  • Still not available via Smartglass.
  • It was for me..  As soon as I saw the update may take some time for some.
  • Tempting. Particualrly with the extra sports package.   I'm just starting to have so many subscriptions it is almost like paying for cable TV.
  • I've got Dish.  What possible value is this app?  I watch live TV via my Xbox already since my Dish box is connected to it.
  • There is no value unless you want to watch it away from home, unless you already have an app that allows you to do this.
  • The value is - if you desired to not pay for satellite tv anymore - now you have an ability to continue watching (some) live TV for $20/month and not really high prices. Obviously - if you already have a cable or satellite subscription (and you're happy paying for it) this app doesn't bring you value. But for those that do NOT have those or those who want to lower their monthly bills (but still have live cable tv channels) than this app has lots of value. Basically - the world doesn't revolve around individual people...
  • No value to you maybe, but plenty of value to other people. There is no one forcing you to get it if you are happy with your setup, but this is a great way for others to get access.
  • Worth looking into. I did try it, but it was weird watching live TV again. The picture was not as good as Hulu, Netflix, AOL, or Crackle. Actually having to watch shows, when they aired, took some getting used to. Was interesting watching ESPN, even though I don't care for that service. You also get ESPN 2, and 3, etc. Might be worthwhile for the AMC programs, since the only way to time shift those is to verify a cable subscription and go through their official apps, unless you can find them on other platforms.
  • Sling isn't doing a good job of telling people that this is TV everywhere. You don't have to be at home to watch ESPN and HGTV anymore (in real time). That might help them sell this. But a family plan would be nice.
  • It's "a one-month free trial", not "a one month free trial".
  • Yeah, no value & nobody's interested... That must be why the servers are crashing.
  • They want a credit card, and they don't tell how to cancel. I deleted their free trial. I am not risking a auto renewal for this pitiful list of channels. My time Warner scable gives me more for the less money including web access around the world to my account.
  • Canceling is supposedly pretty easy. Just go to "My Account" and click "cancel my subscription".
  • I agree with you. I fell for this stuff years ago, but no longer. If they want to give a free trial and are confident that the service is worth it, then they will know that it will be worth it to me to take the extra effort of entering my information when I want to pay for the service. I spend more than that everyday on lunch so it isn't about the money, it's about the value, convenience, and the risk of losing another $20 a month because I continue to forget to cancel the service. Until then, it will be couchpotato, sickrage, and my private VPN. 
  • Won't let me buy it keeps giving me am error message and try back later.
  • So either Comcast is angry that I signed up or they are having some major problems right now because it let me sign up, but no video will play because it cannot "authorize the content".
  • Has anyone signed in yet for Xbox one? Been getting 3-1 error when trying to sign in.
  • Yeah, it lets me sign in. Just won't actually play any video haha
  • Update: It seems to be working ok now! Maybe it was just overloaded with sign-ups? All I know is: bye bye Comcast!
  • I work at a telecommunications company like Comcast and I can guarantee you Comcast doesn't care.. You'll be getting your internet from somewhere.
  • I'm ok with Comcast not caring. I'll just be happy to not be paying them $270/month :)
  • Fair enough, but based on how much you're paying them it sounds like you should have contacted their retention department quite a while ago. I only have internet through them and everytime my bill goes up I just call the retention department.
  • Wanted a credit card, sat this one out.
  • Anyone unable to use this? I can't get it to load properly. It keeps saying that the application has failed to initialize properly.
  • I was having issues signing up using the xbox one, it kept giving me error messages. So last night I called customer srvc, told them I'm having issues signing up for the 1 month trial and they did it for me over the phone. It's worked great since then.
  • Originally had issues signing up, and found out the tech support is only open during select hours during the work week. I finally signed up but now it freezes and crashes...a lot! Worse than Comcast. I love the idea, and hope the issues are addressed. For now, I won't be continuing after the trial.