Sniper Fury is one of the year's best shooting games for Windows PC and mobile

Gameloft has a very healthy portfolio of games that are available from both the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Stores. Sniper Fury is one of the developer's latest releases and represents Gameloft's gaming lineup exceptionally well.

You play the role of a sniper who has joined the fight against global terror. The game has over 130 missions to complete, several gaming modes and stunning graphics. You will have the opportunity to purchase and upgrade several sniper rifles and assault weapons as you progress through the game.

We took the Windows Phone version out for a test drive and asides from a few lagging load times, Sniper Fury comes across as an impressive game. If you like first person combat style games, you'll definitely want to train your sights on this game.

Sniper Fury

As with most games, Sniper Fury first launches into a series of tutorials to give you a feel for things. Once you get past the tutorials, the game will open up to the primary menu that offers you a host of options.

You will have options to access:

  • My Base: This is a player versus player mode where you can raid other player's vaults for gold, as well as setting up defenses to protect your gold from similar attacks.
  • Missions: This gaming mode has the main story mode for the game with three side missions include sniper missions, assault raids and contract shoots. These missions span four theaters of operation that include Murmansk, Shanghai, Jungle and Dubai. Each are progressively unlocked.

Your current weapon will be displayed on the primary menu along with any daily events that are currently running. Tapping on the weapon will pull up your armory where you can upgrade your rifle or choose another one to use.

Sniper Fury

Along the bottom of the primary menu, you will find options to access your daily bonuses, achievements, settings and Gameloft Connect menu (news, customer care, etc.). Settings cover sound/music settings, notifications and camera sensitivity. You can connect the game to your Facebook or Microsoft account, which will allow you to share your gaming progress between devices.

Along the top of the screen, throughout the game's menus, you will find your gaming stats. This includes your player level, gaming energy, gold count, cash count and gem count. You will also find access to the game's store amongst your gaming stats.

Shooting Straight

Sniper Fury

Gameplay is universal, for the most part, regardless of the game mode you choose. Each mission or game will cost you an energy point. Gameloft starts you out with 10 points that are replenished over time or you can spend some of your gems to replenish things quicker. The game screen for combat has your weapons controls lining the bottom of the screen and a zoom control that will activate your scope or aiming device (Aimpoint, iron sights, etc.).

Your weapons movement is done by sliding your finger across the screen. Button controls will vary from mission to mission and weapon to weapon. They can include an infrared filter, radar detection (helps identify the targets), a game reset button (limited) and your fire control button. At the very top of the screen, you will see your target numbers, a timer (where applicable) and a danger sign that will begin to flash as your health becomes critical.

Sniper Fury

Your enemies in Sniper Fury aren't exactly helpless targets. Many will shoot back and while the game is forgiving with regards to the number of hits you can take, you aren't bulletproof.

Sniper Fury

Before each mission, you will receive a briefing covering the details and your targets. Some missions require long-range shots while others are more up close and personal. Some have singular targets while others have multiple targets to engage. You will also have weapons requirements for missions that call on you to upgrade your rifle. Upgrades will cost you a little cash and if you are running low, you can always pick up side missions to help give your account a little boost.

Sniper Fury is a Windows Phone game where both hands are needed. Gameloft does a good job of simulating the movements of a rifle and the challenges of keeping it steady while you take the shot. Along with challenging targets that are moving, the game will also add to the challenge by adding environmental factors into the mix. Rainstorms, sandstorms, fog, blizzards and other atmospheric conditions will make identifying your target more difficult as well as lining up your shot.

Sniper Fury

At the end of each successful mission, you will be awarded cash for your efforts. There will be times you receive weapon parts that can be crafted to upgrade your rifle.

The game is mildly graphic without the ability to dial down the blood and gore. Your final shot in the mission is carried out in slow motion and while a neat effect, you get all the bone smashing, blood splattering effects. I don't know if Sniper Fury is a game for the younger gamers or something to play at the supper table.

My Base Mode

Sniper Fury

The My Base gaming mode is a player versus player mode where you can raid other player's gold vault and defend your own vault from being pillaged.

Non-player characters protect your vault and your opponents. If you are the aggressor, you'll have to take out all the NPCs before you can carry away the loot. NPC characters can be upgraded to be more capable of protecting your vault. These games are timed and can be a challenging way to build up your gold count.

Overall Impressions

Sniper Fury is to other combat games as Asphalt 8: Airborne is to other racing games. It has fantastic, console level graphics that sets it apart from other games of this genre. Gameplay is challenging and with over 130 missions and the player vs. player modes, Sniper Fury will keep you busy for some time.

Sniper Fury

My only grip about Sniper Fury concerns the load times. There is an inconsistency in what you will face as missions load to your Windows Phone. Sometimes everything loads without delay, while other times you can cook a whole turkey before the download finishes. Several variables influence this process, but if Gameloft could possibly fine-tune things on the server side to speed things up, the game would be a lot more appealing.

I did tinker with the Windows 10 desktop version of the game and found it just as impressive as the Windows Phone version. I can see it being an ideal tablet game to play as you sit on the couch or something to tackle from a desktop or laptop when you feel the need to test your marksmanship skills. Please note that you will need a mouse with a track wheel or a touchpad with scrolling capabilities to zoom into your scope when playing from a keyboard.

All in all, Sniper Fury is a solid gaming option for both platforms and one of (if not the) best first person shooters available from the Windows Phone or Windows 10 Stores. At last check, Sniper Fury is pulling down a 4.5-star rating that could easily be a full 5 stars. Many of the negative reviews are based on connectivity issues rather than content.

If you have given Sniper Fury a try, let us know what you think of things in the comments below. It is a free game, available from both the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Stores, with plenty of in-app purchase opportunities.

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