This mega deal on a lifetime Plex Pass is still live for Cyber Monday! Save 25% and break free from the chains of cable and streaming services

Revolutionize your viewing experience right now. Say goodbye to conventional cable TV and streaming giants like Netflix and Disney+ with Plex, the ultimate gateway to organizing and streaming your personal media collection and OTA TV channels. This Cyber Monday, dive into this world of endless entertainment with a lifetime Plex Pass membership at an unbeatable 25% discount. But act fast, you've only got a day left to take advantage!

Plex Pass | was $119.99 now $89.99 at Plex

Plex Pass | was $119.99 now $89.99 at Plex

You can try Plex without Plex Pass, but to really power it up you need to subscribe. It unlocks advanced features such as hardware transcoding, DVR functionality for live TV, ad skipping, HDR and much, much more. This Black Friday price for lifetime access is way too good to pass up. 

This incredible software empowers you to create your personalized TV and radio station right where you live. Kick-start your journey with just your existing Windows PC. 

Simply download the Plex media server client and choose your media storage. Plex seamlessly handles the complexities, offering an easy setup and user-friendly interface. Then, extend your media to consoles, TVs, mobile devices, virtually any gadget at your disposal can become a portal to your custom Plex world.

If you still mourn for Windows Media Center, this is the spiritual successor. 

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Best feature of Plex?

Plex OTA TV and DVR

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One of my favorite uses for Plex Pass is the DVR feature for OTA TV. In the UK, we're pretty fortunate to have a robust selection of OTA channels. But without a dedicated box under your TV, you still can't record anything to watch back later. Paired up with a HDHomeRun tuner between the antenna and my home network, Plex will not only distribute all those OTA channels to any device with a Plex app installed, but it'll record and organize content from those channels with the same easy access from all those devices.

Be it TV shows, movies, audio, or even a selection of online streamed content, Plex can help you replace many apps or even hardware devices, and put all your content in one place. Plex Pass is an essential purchase if you really want to use Plex to its fullest, and this Cyber Monday deal is the perfect time to jump in. Free yourself from monthly subscriptions and power up your own media for a single one off, low price. Do it now!

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