Verizon rolls out Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile, a first in the United States

Teams Mobile Phone on Verizon
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What you need to know

  • Verizon now offers Microsoft's Teams Phone Mobile service in the United States.
  • Teams Phone mobile allows business users to access Teams through their phones native dialer and to use a single phone number across devices.
  • Verizon is the first carrier to support the service in the United States and the third to do so globally.

Business users have a new way to communicate through Microsoft Teams. Verizon now offers Teams Phone Mobile service, which allows customers to access Teams through their mobile phone's native dialer. The service also makes it possible to use a single phone number across devices. Verizon is the first carrier in the United States to offer the service and the third globally.

As Teams becomes more commonplace in professional settings, a service like Teams Phone Mobile allows users to extend their Teams communication across several devices. Verizon refers to Teams Phone Mobile as a "mobile-first Teams experience for today's increasingly growing mobile workforce."

Those on the service will be able to transfer between devices and Teams endpoints without having to hang up and re-enter a call. Support for using a single number across devices also makes it easier to stay connected to work, according to Verizon.

When anyone calls a number set up with Teams Phone Mobile, all devices connected to that number will be notified and able to answer that call.

An announcement post highlights the key benefits of Teams Phone Mobile service:

  • Single Number Simplicity: Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams provides the simplicity of using a single phone number across devices to allow employees the flexibility of being able to work from virtually anywhere without losing context or business presence
  • Super Call Quality: Teams calls made with the smartphone dialer are treated as voice calls on the Verizon LTE network, resulting in superior call quality
  • Seamless Call Transfer: Allows users to move between devices and Teams endpoints during a call without dropping the call
  • True Mobility and Cost Savings: Through an integrated calling solution that can replace stand-alone solutions, Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams helps to reduce costs while keeping employees connected
  • Security Peace of Mind: The capability to enforce secure and compliant business policies on all employee communications

Verizon has a dedicated page for "Verizon Solutions with Microsoft Teams," including   Teams Phone Mobile.

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