Speak up with the Blue Yeti X USB mic on sale for $95 today only

Blue Yeti X War Of Warcraft
Blue Yeti X War Of Warcraft (Image credit: Best Buy)

The Blue Yeti X professional USB microphone is a featured deal in Best Buy's deals of the day, and it's down to just $94.99 today. That's a crazy low price for the "War of Warcraft Edition" considering the standard black mic is going for $170. Even where it's on sale at Amazon, the Blue Yeti X is still going for as much as $140.

Blue Yeti X professional wired USB mic |

Blue Yeti X professional wired USB mic |

This is a step-up from Blue's very popular but normal Yeti mic. It adds better audio, high-res voice metering, four pickup patterns, and more. It even has a custom design

We reviewed the Blue Yeti X and gave it 4.5 stars out of 5 with a Recommended badge. Rich Edmonds said, "the future looks to be bright for Blue microphone fans. This is one killer mic for podcasting, streaming, and recording audio in general at this price point."

This is actually a version of the mic designed for World of Warcraft fans. The changes are mostly cosmetic in nature with a different color scheme featuring gold accents and a Battle Grey finish. There are also some laser etched LED Warcraft runes, and you'll get access to hundreds of HD audio samples from the game and Warcraft universe.

The Blue Yeti X includes four versatile pickup patterns: stereo, omnidirectional, bi-directional, and cardioid. Often that last one is the one most popular among streamers and content creators because it can pick up your own voice really well while keeping sounds coming from behind the mic, like your monitor or your keyboard, to a minimum. If you're recording instruments or doing something else with the mic, you may have to play around to find the pattern that works best for you.

Other features include high-res voice metering that helps you see your levels at a glance, a four-capsule array that captures your sound with focus and clarity, and enhanced vocal effects you can apply.

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