Stack, Poki, ROCKRADIO and more are your Windows Phone app highlights for the week!

A lot can happen in a week, especially in the Windows Phone Store. New apps come and old favorites get updated with new features. Which is exactly why we like to take a little time to reflect and help highlight any cool apps you might have missed. This week we’ll look at Stack, Poki, myTube and others! 


Stack – We like clean and beautiful apps. The cherry on top is when those apps are very functional. Which is exactly why we like Stack, a new Buffer client for Windows Phone. With Stack you can automatically schedule updates to go out to your various social networks, like Twitter and Facebook. This is an indispensable tool if you’re planning a product or apps launch. Or maybe you just want to increase your social media clout. Grab Stack in the Windows Phone Store. ($1.99/Trial coming)

QR: Stack

Geico – Great news if you’re a Geico Insurance customer. There’s a new official app out on Windows Phone. The app allows you to check your Geico policies, view and access digital ID cards, pay your bill, change your payment plan and much more. Get Geico in the Windows Phone Store. (Free)

QR: Geico – We’re big fans of Digitally Imported (DI.FM). Which means we’re also pretty big fans of its sister networks and SKY FM. We’re even happier to see join the Windows Phone club. The new app gives you access to over 40 stations with every genre of music imaginable. Grab in the Windows Phone Store. (Free/Subscription option)



Xbox One SmartGlass – The one app to control your Xbox One picked up an update this past week. There aren’t any new features in Xbox One SmartGlass. Instead you’ll find the app cleaned up a bit with easier access to your Game Clips. Grab the new Xbox One SmartGlass in the Windows Phone Store. (Free)

QR: Xbox One SmartGlass

myTube – One of the best YouTube clients for Windows Phone went to version 1.5 this past week. Indeed, it’s myTube with a new Live tile, logo, new themes, improved audio-only streams and much more. Get the new myTube in the Windows Phone Store. ($0.99/Trial)

QR: myTube

Poki – Our favorite Pocket reader picked up its first update this past week. Poki is now at version 1.1 and introduces new features and fixes. The new features you look forward to include auto-completion for tags editing, new Live tiles, Vimeo & YouTube support and more. Get the latest version of Poki in the Windows Phone Store. ($1.99/Trial)

QR: Poki


Nokia Camera –Live life on the edge? Then you should be running the beta for Nokia Camera. It’s a look at features and functions coming to future versions of Nokia Camera. The update this week brings a new design for the photo library, the ability to automatically play videos and more. Grab Nokia Camera Beta in the Windows Phone Store (Free/Lumia only)

QR: Nokia Camera Beta

Toib – Looking for another YouTue client on Windows Phone? Then join the beta for Toib, a beautiful new YouTube app from the dev behind Phonly. The app is beautiful and worth trying out. More info on joining the beta can be found on the original post.


FIFA 14 – Big fan of football/soccer? Then you’re going to want to pick up FIFA 14 for Windows Phone. The game requires 1GB of RAM, but gives a pretty compelling football experience on Windows Phone. FIFA 14 gives you access to real players, real teams and real leagues all for free. Get FIFA 14 in the Windows Phone Store. (Free)


Purple Cherry X – Looking for an emulator to run all your old favorite GameBoy Advanced games? Then you’re going to want Purple Cherry X, a new GameBoy Advanced emulator for Windows Phone. Grab Purple Cherry X in the Windows Phone Store. (Free)

QR: Purple Cherry X

Have any favorite apps from the past week? List them below!

  • I have a Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia camera app installed...what's the difference in the beta version of Nokia camera app ?
  • That's explained in the article.
  • I have two Nokia camera app
  • I love all of those apps except geico.. Can't play matha fuckin FIFA because of school, oh well me and my nigas will play after words.
  • excuse me my French, but I gotta feelin' that ya aint black
  • Yo homie wat you sayin.
  • School kids shouldn't have mobiles!
  • Mommy says no Fifa and get back to school work? My wannabe Nigga?
  • But do they blend?
  • RockRadio doesn't recognise my Premium account despite JazzRadio, and all accepting it...
  • I'm pretty sure that the way we know see the photo gallery inside the Nokia Camera Beta app is the way will be in WP8.1, with "Open With" option showing icons for the apps and the other things.
  • Nice article but not very fappable
  • Not "fappable"?  As in 'not capable of being fapped'?  Why do you want it fapped?  Are you some kind of muthafappa?
  • Not fappable? That just shows your lack of commitment, my friend!
  • I got a link for toib and gave it a spin, it's a really nice app, I am enjoying it so far! Thanks Daniel Berg!
  • Please Vote for this feature to make WP better..   Please do share this link to fellow WP Users
  • Voted! I fucking hate skinned tiles. How they put backgrounds on windows 8.1 is nice, not how WP8.1 is doing.
  • [Off Topic] Hello friends, is there anyway smarter to find new applications/games on WP store instead using the Store on device or the web version? I'm amazed how new stuff just don't appear on the list and right now, the game part, is fulled with flappy stuff. Is there any site or app that showns the newest stuff? Thanks, Cris