Standalone Kinect sensor for Xbox One is now available for $149.99

Microsoft has made its standalone Kinect sensor for Xbox One available for consumers to purchase for $149.99. The optional accessory makes it possible for owners to utilize body, voice, and gestures to engage with the compatible titles on Xbox One. Microsoft is bundling one of these games, Dance Central Spotlight, with each purchase.

Microsoft previously decoupled the Kinect from Xbox One, but it's good to see the company bring the accessory back for those who wish to make good use of included features. As well as gaming without the controller, Kinect for Xbox One also extends the TV functionality of the video game console itself with added commands to enhance the overall viewing experience. HD Skype calls are possible with the available app for Xbox One.

Amazon US has had stock since October 7, while the UK branch will release units on October 17. Check out local retailers for pricing and availability in your region. Here are a few links to get those who reside in the US and UK on the right path:

Xbox. On.

Rich Edmonds
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  • Cheaper to purchase it bundled with the Xbox one. People will probably complain about the $50 extra they are charging.
  • Obviously, people (as in we) always complain, unless it's free. It would always be more expensive.
    It's kinda sad MS gave in to the whiners, One's Kinect is an amazing piece of tech.
  • If it is free they wil find another reason to complain - dont you know?
  • I've had a complete XBox One since day One. Would never suggest to anyone to buy One without the Kinnect.
  • I finally bought an Xbox one last week without the Kinect and I feel I'm missing the whole "next Gen" experience. I'll pick up a second hand one, not paying that much for a new one.
  • Okey ! Lets buy a Xbox without Kinect for 400$( instead of the one with Kinect 500$) and then buy the sensor for 150$ as well ! Microsoft used logic on that one
  • Actually, yes, MS did use logic. The logic is that: A. Bundled Kinect is subsidized through the X1 purchase and B: It entices people on the fence about Kinect (when buying an X1) to go ahead and make the jump since it would be more expensive as a later purchase.
  • a "punishment" for those who don't want to buy a kinect maybe?
  • This is always the case, when things are bundled they always end up cheaper than bought separately, this has been the case for a very long time.
  • "And here's your sign" as Bill Engvall would say
  • Is the new Kinect sensor wireless guys?
  • No
  • Bugger... Makes gaming on a projector difficult. Might have to invest in a USB extention/booster or something... Hmmm
  • A wireless Kinect is just not possible with to day's technology. Way too much information being transferred to the console. Wireless would result in way too much lag.
  • I think you'd be better off with a longer, high quality, HDMI cable from the xbox, or reciever, to the projector.
  • All my units (Xbox, cable tv, amp etc) are at the rear of my theatre room and send signals out to the rest of the house via HDMI with booster boxes including the projector in the roof of the theatre room... My problem is, I need to mount the Kinect sensor at the front of the room but need to connect it to the box at the rear of the room... I know you can get extension cables for the Kinect but their not long enough to run up the wall, through the roof and down the front wall...
  • Which would be exactly why you'd be better off with a longer HDMI cable. Move the Xbox to the 'front' of the room and the HDMI cable up and around as you need.
  • No power point at the front of the room though....
  • It's sad that Kinect won't be supported by MS as it original vision. It's just a side gimmick now thanks to all those whiners!
  • Maybe if they had some games. Rivals delay from launch hurt.
  • It really is a shame. They had a promising vision for it and it is vexing that innovation and progress have now been stalled because Sony went the cheap and boring route. Decoupling aside, it is even more frustrating that Microsoft has seemingly given up on Kinect despite how great it is and despite their streak of five solid Kinect games released in the past year: Fantasia, D4, Dance Central Spotlight, Kinect Sports Rivals, and Xbox Fitness. They should be advertising the hell out of it and offering Kinect versions of all their other recent console bundles.
  • Oh yes, its all sonys fail the Kinect for x1 was a failure... Get real. Every iteration of the Kinect sucked and was panned for inaccurate performance. Its cool, but lets face it, its a gimmick and no one is at fault for its poor support but Microsoft and developers.
  • The Kinect as a device is damn near perfect, it's failure was in the execution.
  • The Kinect for Xbox One isn't a failure at all: it's an amazing piece of tech with a smorgasbord of great features and games for it. It's not a gimmick: I use mine every day, more than I use a controller, and I can't imagine ever using a console without one now. It's Sony's fault that the Kinect will now never reach its full potential. They have retarded innovation by going the safe and boring route, giong for the cheaper price point and forcing Microsoft to follow suit. Consumers always go for the cheaper devices, even when they're not as good (case in point, Android). Sony went for sales by releasing a boring, unambitious spec upgrade of a console with hardly any new features. Microsoft released a truly visionary and ambitious console with Kinect 2 bundled in but were forced to abandon it to stay competitive with Sony. That's why it's Sony's fault (and just to be clear: I'm not criticizing Sony. They made the right move because their camera was crap and the best choice for them to succeed was to do what they did, but it was this decision that resulted in the Kinect unbundling).
  • For me kinect works perfectly: Gestures,voice and gaming. Love it, can't imagine Xbox one without it. Lastly in FH2 Anna assistant is really useful.
  • It's awesome for family gaming, with the kiddies ;)
  • Just saw one at computer exchange (cex) for £39.99, that's like what, $75 :D
  • Where is the extension cable... Need 30ft !!!!!!
  • I'm guessing that would exacerbate lag issues.
  • longer line doesn't have lag issues.. as electric current running speed is faster than your internet speed
  • Eventually there is a threshold. You can't drape a Kinect cord across the Atlantic and expect it to work like a Kinect plugged in 3 feet away. So, where is the cutoff point?
  • The Kinect 2.0 are easily found on CL for $50 and under this is going to inflate the second market
  • Just bought a new Xbox One with FIFA 15 for £350 and then bought the kinect sensor from a friend for £50 pretty sweet deal, now I've got the lot to get full us of my XB1 "Xbox, On" lol
  • Here's an idea... Save 50 bucks and buy it bundled. :\
  • Just recently got myself an XBox One Day One Edition with the included Kinect and wasn't REALLY expecting to get much use out of the Kinect especially now that I completely have to turn it off during night or else It would keep me awake with the surring of both the Console and the Power Brick. Turns out Alien Isolation, my first and so far only full price Title, for the console actually supports it by having the characters head movement, under certain conditions, align with the Players which REALLY adds to the immersion when peeking around corners. Anjoying it quite a lot so far.
  • I know right, isolation uses it so subtlety that it just works, I'm a fairly "mobile" gamer, I lean when playing racing games (thank you Kinect implementation in Forza) and whenever I lock myself in a locker in isolation I physically sit back, as far away as possible. That being said there has also been many times where I've been startled and shouted only to have the alien whip it's head around and go for the jugular.
  • "I completely have to turn it off during night or else It would keep me awake with the surring of both the Console and the Power Brick." It sounds like you're doing something wrong. When the Xbox One is powered down in it's low-power state (i.e. the one that enables you to say "Xbox, on", there is not a significant amount of din, certainly not enough to wake up even the lightest of sleepers.
  • I did not say it's waking me. I said it would keep me awake. There's quite a difference in there.
  • Indeed there is, but my original point still stands: the Xbox One in stand-by mode emits no din.
  • Why not 99.00
  • No one bought the standalone Kinect for 360 so why would they start now?
  • I think there are some 24 million that disagree with you.
  • Way to make ppl not buy it. Seriously thats asking waaay too much for aonethong that only works some times