Standalone Kinect sensor for Xbox One is now available for $149.99

Microsoft has made its standalone Kinect sensor for Xbox One available for consumers to purchase for $149.99. The optional accessory makes it possible for owners to utilize body, voice, and gestures to engage with the compatible titles on Xbox One. Microsoft is bundling one of these games, Dance Central Spotlight, with each purchase.

Microsoft previously decoupled the Kinect from Xbox One, but it's good to see the company bring the accessory back for those who wish to make good use of included features. As well as gaming without the controller, Kinect for Xbox One also extends the TV functionality of the video game console itself with added commands to enhance the overall viewing experience. HD Skype calls are possible with the available app for Xbox One.

Amazon US has had stock since October 7, while the UK branch will release units on October 17. Check out local retailers for pricing and availability in your region. Here are a few links to get those who reside in the US and UK on the right path:

Xbox. On.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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