Start your smart home for only $30 with this Amazon Echo Dot bundle deal

Amazon Echo 4th Gen Review
Amazon Echo 4th Gen Review (Image credit: Android Central)

Amazon is taking out the guesswork and confusion of starting your smart home with this awesome bundle deal with its Echo Dot. Being able to pick up one of the best smart speakers available today while also getting a handy smart light is a great way to get your smart home built rolling. It's even sweeter when that smart light is free with your smart speaker purchase — right?

Our friends at Android Central found that the new Amazon Echo Dot with Clock was one of the most helpful smart speakers they've come across. Aside from the voice assistant, Alexa, the built-in LED clock on the front makes the most basic functions like finding the out time easy. While this smart speaker doesn't have a full-fledged display, it's LED clock is still super-helpful.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) with Clock and Sengled Color bulb

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) with Clock and Sengled Color bulb

This is the perfect desktop or nightstand speaker thanks to the built-in clock on the front of this speaker. Plus, when you pair it up with the Sengled smart light in this bundle you'll have a great start to your smart home.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) with Sengled Color bulb

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) with Sengled Color bulb

When it comes to expanding or starting off your smart home, this bundle of the helpful Echo Dot and Sengled smart light there aren't any better options.

Alexa is great for all sorts of tasks, from getting help with those random questions throughout the day to playing your favorite songs. Alexa is great at helping to keep you on task with reminders as well as keeping a shopping list for you. If you want to push Alexa to the next level, then add some smart devices to your home.

This bundle pairs up one of the best smart lights with one of the best smart home deals to get you going without any fuss. This Sengled smart light is packed with the ability to schedule lighting, the full range of colors, and of course, voice controls with your new Echo Dot smart speaker. Amazon is making it easier than ever to add its wonderful digital voice assistant to your home while making lighting your home just as easy by tossing in a smart light along with its smart speaker.

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