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Start11 1.0 is here: Put Windows 11 Start menu on Windows 10, 10 on 11, and every other combo imaginable

Windows 11 Start Hero Surface Book
Windows 11 Start Hero Surface Book (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Start11 is out of beta and ready to charge you a starting price of $5.99 for the right to make Windows 11 (or 10) look the way you want it.
  • The program will let you put Windows 11's Start menu on Windows 10, 10's on 11, and a multitude of other tweaks designed to actualize your preferences.
  • There is an "upgrade option" for those using Start8 and Start10.

Stardock's Start11 program, a piece of software designed to let you make Windows 11 the best it can be according to your personal preferences, just hit its 1.0 release. That means the beta version of Start11 we covered is now the real deal.

You can put Windows 11's Start menu on Windows 10 if you're a fan of Microsoft's new OS look but don't actually have it yet. You can do the reverse if you've voluntarily upgraded to Windows 11 for some reason even though you hate its Start menu. Heck, if you can't stand either of Microsoft's two recent OS aesthetics, you can shove a Windows 7 design on there.

Start11 W11 On W

Source: Stardock (Image credit: Source: Stardock)

In detail: Start11 lets you adjust taskbar size, move the Start menu, re-order shortcut lists, and more. But that's just the start (puns). As stated by Stardock itself: "The new UI has been designed to support additional Start menu enhancements, extending support to a host of new Start menu ideas like pages, minimalism, and features for enterprise customers."

In other words, whatever you want Windows to be, it can be. Even if you want Windows XP, as many still do. Though that particular yearning may require something besides Start11.

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  • Taskbar at the top is about the only thing I would need it for.
  • I bought the stardock and now made my windows 11 look like Windows 8.1 and I love it
  • Are you saying that Start 11 can make the desktop have live tiles like in Windows 8.1?
  • It's not live tiles, but you can sort your icons in groups and in different sizes.
  • Great, back to whatever look for me that is not Windows 11.
  • Start 11 is a great name for a soccer game.
  • If I want the organizing features of Win10 Start, then why should I update to Win11 at all?
  • In a lot of circumstances, you shouldn't.
  • Because you still get a lot of nice improvements. The one step back - the new start menu - can now easily be fixed.
  • For the vast majority of people, you will notice not improvements whatsoever with W11. None. For those with the right hardware and the use case, they enhanced threading would help. Same with certain file IO operations. As far as security, I have not had a security issue since running W10 and I only use Defender, same with my family.
  • You don't have to? No one is saying you have to or "should" upgrade.
  • There is one thing we need. The ability to put icons in the Widget pane, make the widget pane resizebale and replace the start menu with it. That's all. Thanks!