Stream your favorite shows in 4K with the Roku Ultra LT on sale for $49

Roku Ultra 4k Streaming Media
Roku Ultra 4k Streaming Media

The Roku Ultra LT 4K media streaming device has dropped to $49 at Walmart. This is a Walmart exclusive product, and it normally goes for around $79. That was already a great price compared to the regular Roku Ultra, which sells at a street price of $100.

The reason for this discount is Roku just announced the Ultra LT is getting an upgrade in the next couple of weeks. That's going to make this older version obsolete, and it will probably be discontinued. Of course the new device will not be on sale for a while, so today's deal means you get one of Roku's best products at a great low price.

Roku makes a ton of great products, but the Ultra has always been on the top of the list. It just does everything you want it to do and presents all your favorite media in the best possible light. The Ultra LT supports 4K content and even HDR and Dolby Vision so you get the absolute best image quality.

It also has dual-band wireless so you can stay connected and get uninterupted performance. If that's not enough, use the Ethernet port for a wired connection that will stay even more consistent over time.

The Ultra LT comes with a remote control that can also work with your other devices. Use it to turn on your TV and control the volume, control your Roku to find the best content, and even plug in the included headphones for private listening. The remote has a voice search as well, so you can find a new show with just a vocal command.

You can expand the storage of the Ultra LT with a microSD card. The main difference between this version and the regular Ultra is the lack of a USB port. Also, the regular Ultra's headphones are premium JBL earbuds.

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