Super Mario 64 PC port gets modern mods

Mario 64 Mod Textures
Mario 64 Mod Textures (Image credit: Unreal)

What you need to know

  • A popular PC port of Super Mario 64 now supports mods.
  • Mods can improve the textures of the game and replace Mario with a higher definition Mario from Super Mario Galaxy.
  • Nintendo is taking action against sites hosting the game.

An attractive PC port of Super Mario 64 now supports mods that make the game look even better (via PC Gamer). Earlier this month, we reported on the port of the popular Mario title, that runs natively on Windows 10. Rather than relying on emulation, the port runs natively on Windows 10 and supports DX12. Since its initial exposure, the game gained mod support. Mods include texture improvements and the ability to replace Super Mario 64's Mario with Mario from Super Mario Galaxy.

Above, you can see a mod that upscales textures using AI. Some of the most noticeable changes occur on paintings. There are also significant improvements to the look of trees and doors. CrashCrew are working on the texture improvements shown above.

You can also replace Mario with an HD version of the character. Based on the footage shown off below, the swap appears relatively seamless. Mario will look better than his surroundings, but it isn't that jarring in the clip. Armando Arredondo is behind the HD Mario mod.

Unsurprisingly, Nintendo has taken action against sites hosting the game. That being said, you can still find it if you know where to look on Reddit.

There are several other mods that can enable cheats, disable draw distance, and remove linear filtering. You can check out videos of more mods in action on Unreal's YouTube channel (not affiliate with Unreal Engine).

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  • Amazing. Where can I get it? Because this is legal, right?
  • It's not exactly legal unless you have a legitimate, original copy of the Mario 64 cartridge. It's basically the entire game but reverse-engineered from the original N64-specific code into PC, which is mind-blowingly amazing.
  • It's still not actually legal to run mods because Nintendo don't allow it. Altering of game code is only legal if the developer allows it.
  • Actually there are rumors that they will, as part of the Mario anniversary.
  • Imagine the killing Nintendo would make if they created their own PC games store and released their titles there. But since they always insist on controlling their own platform, emulation and projects like these will inevitably happen, it's a symptom of the demand that exists for these titles on other platforms.
  • It is. But it's hardly a justification for creating content that infringes theyr copyright or IP.
  • I'm not usually a fan of hd textures in old games but Mario 64 has such a terrible artstyle that any improvement is welcomed. I'm a big fan of SM64 and even played a couple of Rom hacks and I hope that the PC port becomes the baseline for the Rom hacks and I also hope that before that happens, some devs fix a couple of issues that the original game has manly the câmara and wall jump (make it closer to the SM64 DS port). My only concern is that I played some Rom hacks on my phone and this port doesn't exist for Android.
  • considering mario is only 8 megabytes... I think it was a pretty epic game for its time.
  • I'm talking more about the visual artstyle, Crash bandicoot for example had a much better artstyle and graphics in general (SM64 is a much better game though). Thinking about it, the PS1 platformers like Spyro and Crash looked much better than N64's, that may be because of 8mb limit