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Surface Pro 3 now available to purchase for US government workers

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is apparently the company's biggest sales hit for its tablet family and today the company said that US government customers can now purchase the 12-inch device via the United States General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule.

Microsoft stated, "Surface Pro 3 has met all GSA criteria and, beginning today, US government customers may now purchase Surface through GSA." In addition, there are now additional Surface Pro 3 resellers available in order to 'meet government customer's buying preferences and address some specific federal procurement requirements."

Microsoft also offers a couple of examples of how Surface devices already being used by government organizations, such as the city of Miami. Marco Sanchez, the city's Network Administrator, is quoted as saying:

"We conducted a comprehensive analysis of other products on the market, and we found that Surface devices met our needs best in terms of performance, application compatibility, multitasking behavior, and user experience."

Microsoft claims that Miami city inspectors can now ditch bulky laptops, a camera, portable printers and charging adapters with one Surface tablet. Would you want your local government to consider buying the Surface Pro 3?

Source: Surface blog

  • "You're under arrest. What's that? A surface pro 3? I have one too. But you're still under arrest."
  • -But I have an windows phone to :(
    Officer - hmmm.. :) interesting :P
  • Let's see how long Apple takes to copy the idea and release their iPad Pro.
  • Rumors are that they're working on it now.
    This after Cook's belittling comments that were even more dismissive than Ballmer's comments about the iPhone.
    Unfortunately, as soon as they release an iPad "Pro", sales of the Surface will plummet again.
  • Its my understanding the iPad Pro is still iOS. If that's true it will still be useless.
  • What if they copy Windows 8 too and launch it as an OSX device capable of running iOS apps? Who knows...
  • If it runs OSX, why would it need to run iOS apps?? Do you think about what you type, or just type it? Because in my opinion, if Apple comes out with an OSX tablet, they'd rule the world, but they've let MSFT beat them to the punch, and are years away from making OSX touch friendly.
  • One Apple?
  • But can the iPad run flash, even pro? That's the nice thing about a tablet with full windows. All files can be read, everything is compatible, even steam. (fully, not the trimmed app currently in iOS).
  • An OSX device can do ask that. So if iPad Pro runs OSX, it will do all of that.
  • Yes, but I'd still like to point out that Windows has the most titles in Steam. Time will tell.
  • iPad Pro will run iOS. If it were to run OSX, they wouldn't have released the OS yet. But Yosemite was just released, and there were no touch friendly bits to see.
  • Unless that iPad Pro is considerably less than a Surface Pro, it will be lampooned by MSFT and only help Surface Pro sales. Surface competes with MacBook Pro. iPad Pro will compete with...iPads and Android tablets. LOL! Try running Cubase, Nuendo, ProTools, WaveLab, Autodesk, or any REAL creative tool on iOS. Go ahead, I dare ya.
  • I disagree.  People are finally getting wise to Apple's inadequacies.  I purchased my iPad thinking I could use it for my business only to find myself lugging around my laptop instead.  Purchased the Surface Pro 3 and it truely is a "laptop replacement," unlike the iPad.  Not only can I run all my apps on the SP3, but all my regular programs as well, something I could never do with the iPad.
  • I bought an iPad thinking its something special. Oh god how I was wrong! My Asus rt can do a whole lot more and easier ! More or less, the iPad is nothing more than an iFad. It's just a movie, games, and net surfing device. I can tell all the iPad is good for in our house is games and YouTube. Productivity on the iPad is crap! Office on the iPad I don't like.
  • Hey, is that a phone in your pocket or are you happy to see me, asked police officer.   Man answers 'No sir, that iss iphone 6+ in my pocket.' officer replied ' then you are definitely are under arrest!'
  • Everyone is getting a surface for working needs
  • Yeah. The Surface pro 3 is very popular because they advertise the hell out of it... It's the official tablet of the NFL, with a huge marketing campaign that WP has never seen the likes of.. People know what it is, and it's only been around for a little while..
    Now, can we expect MS to give it's first flagship Lumia device the same amount of attention❓
  • Lets wait and see in 2015.
  • Hey Rodney,
    Stop moaning about WP advertisement (or lack of it). You keep on, and on, ...
    The bottom line is Surface Pro 3 is truly ground breaking device in hybrid category. Nothing comes close to it. That's the reason why is well adopted (or hoping to be).
    With WP is different story. Little point of spending tons of money on advertising. MS must start from drawing board and involve Surface team to design next generation of Windows phone.
    Nokia designers must step aside. They have done enough damage.
  • Quick awnswer: No❗
    Why would I stop doing something I strongly believe in just because you, whoever you are, says "hey Rodney, stop"... Yeah, OK.
  • Great to see the Surface Pro 3 gaining even more traction. Windows 10 & Surface Pro line could be big for Microsoft's future.
  • If MS stays on track with their pro tablet release timing we could be looking at the SURFACE PRO 4 with W10..
    There's no doubt that MS is currently hard at work on the SP4..
  • My bet is it will be the surface pro 5
  • Lol... I see what you did there..
  • How do they ditch a portable printer? I understand they don't have to do the print/sign/scan dance......but are they nixing all hard copies in favor of emailing them? If so, wtb the guy that made that decision in my area.
  • Exactly. This is exactly how the SP3 changed my business. I used to have to print contracts, have clients sign them, then either photocopy and snail mail, or scan and email, both of which were super pains in the ass. But with the sp3, I get them to sign directly in word 2013, tap File -> Share -> Email -> PDF and it automatically starts an email with the PDF already attached. All i gotta do is type in the recipient. SOOOOOO much easier and cleaner than paper. And I save it all to Onedrive so I can access all my contracts anywhere at any time. I ditched my paper notebook, printer AND scanner.
  • A case like a Polaroid, except for printing.
  • But who is footing the bill for all those Surfaces?
  • In my agency, it would be charged to the local unit and only during a regular replacement cycle. Trust me, at least in our agency, there's no unnecessary spending going on.
  • Ummmm tax payers❓❓❓❓❓
  • Right.  Just like any other item the government needs in order to operate.    God forbid the government use modern technology when appropriate to get things done.  Instead, let's use our taxpayer dollars to buy outdated technology and stay on paper as much as possible so our government can be less effecient.  /s   This mindset reminds me of the old farts that run my company.  They are always trying to save money by NOT updating the technology that controls the workflow of our entire organization.  They only see the dollars saved by not investing in technology, but they don't notice the much larger losses in productivity because almost every employee in the company has one hand tied behind their back by workflow from 1989.
  • Last week I was excited to see in a USDA email the Surface as a potential work choice. Since I've had mine, I've thought it would be wonderful to be able to use as a tablet for meeting minutes and display. So much easier to carry around and to use than my 4 pound HP! Hopefully it will happen before I retire.
  • I'm a government employee and was at the cutting edge of the BYOD movement when I rebelled at being forced to carry some awful, thick, metal-clad, clunky Blackberry device years ago and instead slapped my employers SIM card into an early Nokia device. Today my employer will buy iPhones and iPads for employees or let us use what we want. I watch colleagues sit in meetings taping away at the screen on their iPads to respond to email or fixing the tablet into a stand with a keyboard. If the IT Director is in the meeting, I will simply pull out my Surface Pro 3, open the kickstand, pull down the Type Cover and cast him a "what's the matter with you" look. They've been "evaluating" the Surface Pro since the first model, so maybe this news will sink in. I've sent him a link to the article.
  • And then they carry a notebook to hand write notes. Exact same situation for me while in great school.
  • Great! Surface Pro 3 marches on! Next step is to bring it to all countries worldwide!
  • Now, what's working against Microsoft is that they came late into the game. Most conpanies have adapted into the iPad (like mine) and apps have been built to be run on iPad. If the company has already made big,investments in that, what are the chances that they will,spend more money into supporting another ecosystem?
  • Efficiency cuts costs! Simple!
  • Sort of like the app we had created for use on the iPad. The issue is that the app is a basic system that feeds the main system. Since the main system works off of Windows Server we could slowly transition into the Surface pad as the ipads start breaking...which is about a 1 2/3 years cycle. The beauty is that the surface pad doesn't need an app since it can run the full client.
  • It kind of answers your own question: "Sort of" (iPad) and "Full Client" (Surface). If your company won't be as productive for over 1 2/3 of a year as it could be... No matter what you have spent, dump dumb iPads and still save money on that same time frame! Efficency at work!
  • Pretty high since its Windows, and all the staff is DEFINITELY well versed in it. And the iPad is pretty expensive to not function like a PC, but the Surface is pretty much a PC with iPad tendencies, just without the lack of power. So this will be an easy win. Bye Bye, now.
  • @sailorboi88, "Most conpanies have adapted into the iPad (like mine) and apps have been built to be run on iPad."   I woulnd't say "most" companies.  Many companies tried to make use of iPads in part of their workflow, but I don't think most of them have been very successful with those efforts.  Sure, there are some examples where the iPad fit a particular workflow need very well.  However, in most cases it ends up being a situation where workers can do a few things on the custom iPad app, but they need to go to the "real software" or a more capable device to get most things done.  In those cases it makes a lot more sense to just deploy Surface Pro like devices and focus on maintaining one fully functional version of the software (or a universal app for future development efforts).
  • Bingo. And the few that did will realise how they are using ipads in a forced way.
  • I'm a IT consultant and hardly see any ipads. Almost everybody >98% is using laptops. And will keep using laptops. Untill the SP3 came which can replace laptops. So, no, definitely not late to the game for business.
  • When is Surface Pro 3 coming to India?? And even Xbox One?
  • As far my concern Xbox has already landed in India.
  • Xbox one of there only available at amazon.
  • Definitely Surface pro 3 with Windows 10 inside is the future not only of Microsoft, people too will become fully dependent on it. I am actually waiting for it to become available in India.
  • Well I'd be suspect if speeding tickets are going towards surface pros lol
  • Microsoft ... When you're going to reduce the surface price ? It's to expansive ...
  • don't forget that surface is such a powerful computer
  • I'm looking on that too, hopefully Black Friday or this X-mas.
  • To me it seems the price has already came down. Look at previous iterations like the Surface Pro 2. The Surface Pro 3 is cheaper at launch already.
  • And it's around the same price of buying a computer AND a tablet.
  • *Around the same price of buying a slow performing cheapass computer and a bastardized tablet There, fixed it for you.
  • We are looking into them at my company to after the CEO canned the ipad idea. We are'nt federal, but the apboption rate for the SP3 is on the rise for organzations. 
  • Happy to read all thes good news about SP3.
    Game changer
  • Why can't you buy Surface Pro outside USA ? Ok in some, but very few places ! Marketing strategy isn't Microsoft strongest, is it !