T-Mobile Dell Venue Pro with 8GB going for $229 for 1-day only

The website Daily Steals is offering the T-Mobile compatible Dell Venue Pro with 8GB of storage for $229 for the next...oooh 18 hours. Though the DVP gets some criticism, including no compass with Mango, it is still a solid phones in many ways and if you have some extra cash, $229 ain't so bad.

Or you could go to Dell and just buy the 16GB version for $299, making this an okay-but-not-amazing-deal. Or neither. Your choice.

Source: Daily Steals; Thanks, Vincent B., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • personally, i feel the $80 to get it straight from dell with double the storage and a non-insane shipping time is well worth it, but from what i've inferred from the internets, the DVP is one of the last windows phones not to have mango yet...
    also, loving the new comment input box that actually works right now! :)
  • It has Mango, both T-Mobile and AT&T, even tho' this one is unlocked.  Not sure were you're hearing that it doesn't, but unlocked Venue Pros were the first to get Mango.
    Buy a 32GB SD card to replace the 8 GB and you have a very nice phone at a bargain price, unless you really want a compass.
  • It has mango, but a rotted one. No e-compass, make GPS crippled. No tethering and no flash-light.
  • I like how they put the Dell Venue Pro list price at $399.99... not only is that $100 higher than it actually is through Dell, but Dell's list price ($299) is for the 16gb version.
    If Dell still sold the 8gb version on their website, they'd probably sell it for $229 anyway.
  • solid phone.  i dont need a compass.